The WEF presented 65 eco blockchain projects


Last week the Swiss Foundation world economic forum (WEF) published the report “Creating a Blockchain for a Better world”, dedicated to decentralized platforms that will help to solve the most acute environmental problems.

Using blockchain technology WEF proposes to create a new model of financing of environmental activities and implement a programme for the reproduction of natural capital.

In addition to improving existing programmes to protect the environment WEF offers several brand new blockchain-based solutions which, according to the expectations of the organization, fully transformyour an environmental management system: for example, creating a transparent supply chain, the decentralized governance of energy and water resources, emissions of carbohydrates.

According to the report, the WEF, the next important step will be the creation of a global blockchain ecosystem, instead of many unrelated projects.

In conclusion, the WEF mentioned the problem of excessive use of the blockchain in connection with the increased interest in the industry.

A day earlier, the WEF together with the specialists of consulting company Bain & Company published another report showing that the development of technologies of the distributed registry will help to increase world trade by $1 trillion in ten years. The report asserts that the adoption of technology by governments of the leading countries, including the countries of the European Union, is inevitable.

Earlier this summer, the head of the International monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, acknowledged that the global economy is not in great shape and cryptocurrency could be the solution to global problems.

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