The withdrawal of capital


The withdrawal of capital

The man is: if he ban something, it only causes more interest. People like to get something that is inaccessible to others, and in General to turn the system around the bolt. And no matter how hard lawmakers to restrict and close, someone will always find a way to obtain the forbidden.

Cryptoanalyst believe the crypt of the true God to the saints, the government officials as evil. But every coin has a third side. Let’s consider the question of cryptocurrency prohibition from the point of view of prudent cryptotest.

So ugly bitcoin helps Fund terrorism and drug trafficking, and also facilitates the withdrawal of money abroad our great country. Negative? Of course!

Of course, some part of the turnover of the crypt and a large part goes for these disgusting purposes. But clearly less than in conventional banking schemes and banal kalichman. Well, forbid banks and cash at all? Because they buy drugs!

Yes, up to 70% of the cue ball is drug money and unaccounted cash. All is well, and don’t listen to those who say that the cue ball is white and fluffy. Most likely, these words will hear from the lips of the sweet boy in a jacket with a burning bloccano in the sight, which the real market of the crypts on the street is irrelevant.

But aside from the obvious evil of the crypt carries the benefit. Imagine that a certain uncle had naletal somewhere in the mountain of illegal dough. Let this be a billion in local Fiat. Besides being illegal, the cache is in itself bad, it is also extremely difficult to spend. Do not buy this billion “Doshirak”? And to buy something more serious is the problem, tax will be asked: “Where from?”.

Still left loot lying in a rented apartment in sports bags, it is taken out of circulation. It is not buy goods and services, entrepreneurs do not make profits, not to expand the business from this loss of income not paid salaries and payroll taxes, and eventually your Gran gets less pension, and the roads in your town look like shit. The Central Bank has to print more money, leading to inflation. In General, a scoundrel that man, of course. But what does he do?

Then he decides to withdraw money from the country to legalize using offshore companies to buy a Villa in Miami. How to do it? It is necessary to exchange the cache for dollars, because in Miami mixed money do not take. This will increase the rate of the dollar against the local money, and in order to align the Central Bank will have to throw out the foreign currency from state reserves. This will make Home poorer the economy more volatile, and are very delighted with our enemies.

Further, these dollars need to get abroad, no matter if they cash or not. Then uncle will have to resort to the services of bankers and officials, that they pripojenie eye on the machinations of the documents. This will cause the growth of corruption and the General degradation of public administration system. The government will have all the more to tighten laws and regulations to revoke the licenses of unscrupulous banks, which in the end will hurt honest business, increase costs, and behind them — and prices. Corrupt officials will only raise the cost of risk.

In the end, this whole “Cirque Du Soleil” will pay you personally, my friend. Because you’re in this pyramid — the bottom. And the bottom always pays, I’m sorry.

What bitcoin? As bitcoin is the solution! Yes, the problem of the shadow economy of the cryptocurrency will not solve but will reduce its negative effect, and see how.

Our bastard uncle now is not to change left the cache on the dollar — he buys bitcoin. Buys on the internal market for the local currency, effectively shifting his stolen billion into the pockets of capturadora and mommy miners. That is, the dollar in the local market this is not exactly growing.

Buy cue a billion at once difficult, so uncle will pulverize this amount among the many sellers of bitcoin. And they will return the money back into circulation: buy your girl a new iPhone, pay for a car loan, acquire a couple batlow single malt. Tax on such expenses will not react, this is peanuts, but the amount is a billion, which will profit businesses, new jobs, taxes, and the pension in the end grandma and new roads in your own village (but not sure).

So, uncle now on the bat and takes him to Miami, where already chosen a gorgeous home. He sells bitcoins local American kid and gets a bag of crispy presidents. But he brought nothing in USA. It is the money of local customers of the marketplace, he just put them in my pocket and bought a Villa in fact, at the expense of Americans. Well, what is done!

And why? But because Fiat and the crypt are two truly alternative financial system and the exchange rates change in one does not affect courses in other. Because the exchange rate of bitcoin to air does not affect the rate of the dollar against other Fiat categorically in any way.

Therefore, the legalization of cryptocurrencies is extremely useful to the countries with massive outflow of capital. And, mind you, the text I used the neutral name “cache/loot/money.” Safely replace it with “the hryvnia/ruble/yuan/Rial” — no difference. China, Russia, Iran, Ukraine — here we are suddenly in a cage and suffering from the withdrawal of capital were the same.

The main thing is to understand a simple Maxim: if in the country go to any banknotes, then there must be people who have a lot of them. And not all of these people crystal clear as banknotes in their hands. And once these people were smart enough, arrogance and ties to earn this money, then bring them away, they are also able, despite the most stringent laws.

The state will not be able to defeat crime is a utopia. The state’s task — to minimize the harm to society from crime and, more importantly, to prevent corruption — the most terrible defect of society.

Well, here’s an effective way to cut off the corruption on the interval of withdrawal of capital abroad and at least a little to reduce the harm to the national economy from the left-wing income. Not a panacea but a palliative. To legalize the crypt and to impose “operation crypt/cache” burdensome tax, lower taxes, corrupt bankers and officials. And corrupt transit market bubble left to die on its own by the ruthless laws of the market.

Why is this not understood by our legislators? Probably you have not read this article. Try to repost, all of a sudden sooner or later reach the top.

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