The world chess championship 2018


The world chess championship 2018

In 2018, the world chess championship will be held from 9 to 28 November. This time Sergey Karjakin failed to win the candidates tournament for the title new champion will face Fabiano Caruana. The current holder of the crown Magnus Carlsen will defend its superiority over the competition for the third time in a row.

Brilliant combination of cunning traps, fight on every square of the Board – such associations must cause a match for the title of world chess champion in 2018, and not sleeping right during the match, players and spectators. Why is this happening and how Fischer chess solve the problem?

Problems classic chess

Representatives of each sport want more popularity of their business. The more dynamic and spectacular competitions, the more viewers watching them. As a result, the sport is attracting more expensive advertising contracts and brings the main income to professionals. On the way to promote chess many problems, one of which is the lack of fight in the first 20 moves. The fact that athletes spend on computer analysis of development debuts a very long time. They remember what move is preferable in different situations and during the party just remember how to walk. Sometimes athletes are even doing the wrong moves, trying to remember the right continuation, instead of act according to logic.

At that time, to do: to sleep waiting for the stroke, turn the transmission over an hour and a half after the beginning of the party, or constantly compare the actions of the players with a computer program in anticipation of long-awaited error? Does not look attractive, given that chess is played with time control 2 hours for 40 moves, then another hour to the end of the party.

Long time chess fans are struggling with this problem and put forward the most unusual solutions:

  • The increase of the chessboard.
  • Changing the shape of the Board.
  • Add shapes.
  • Changing the rules for moving the pieces.
  • Cuts the amount of time per move or per game (10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute).

All these options have one drawback – the same initial arrangement of the figures. The optimal solution was developed by Robert Fisher in 1996. He proposed to begin the game a random arrangement of the figures. All possible combinations of the 960 turned out, what appeared the second name – chess 960.

The advantages of random chess

The athlete may not remember a variety of openings for 960 constellation figures and the struggle begins with the first move. Players will have to focus on the study of the laws of chess, but learning the Queen’s Indian and Sicilian defense. Some arrangement is so dangerous that to avoid the mate to come with the first moves. In such hands there is additional intrigue, which can compensate the long time control in chess. Still, ordinary viewers can’t quickly and deeply to count strokes, how the pros do it – they find it difficult to follow the logic of the figures in the blitz (5 minute) or rapid (10 minutes).

Random chess associated with the fighting times of the Macedonian, when it was unknown the exact location of the enemy, the rate of the enemy General, and first place went tactical skills of commanders and the valor of soldiers.

Classical chess is more associated with a football match where both teams are afraid to miss and almost never attack a large force.

Such a comparison is logical, if you look at the shortcomings of classical chess:

  • Blurry studied the openings.
  • Strong athletes lose the advantage in the beginning of the game, so they delayed.
  • The lack of dynamism.

In chess Fischer the calculation of the 6-7 moves is already before the first movement of the figure, and each party is not like the others – it’s called a sport of intellectuals. Such activities can attract new viewers for the tournaments, and children in school chess.

The unofficial world championship of chess 960 was held this winter. The winner was Magnus Carlsen – chess player, who always had innovative thinking, deep steps, bright and uncompromising game. The Norwegian expressed his desire to have random chess Bobby Fischer to become a regular tournament in the calendar of the international chess Federation, while Vishy Anand said that “Carlsen is a product of Cybernetics”.

Such well-known chess players like Spassky and Karpov have a positive attitude to Fisher-random and Taimanov believed that this is the chess of the XXI century. There are opponents of Fischer random chess. Vladimir Kramnik argues that random placement leads to the disappearance of the harmony of the game.

Chess: man vs computer

The creation of computer chess began in 1951, “Paper Turing machine”, which you had to wait for half an hour. Only in 1958 was the first full-fledged program with a strong algorithm. The first computer-chess level master appeared in 1983, his rating was 2250. The most famous battle of man and computer in 1997 match Kasparov vs Deep Blue ended with the surrender of the current world champion, and then the computer forever captured the chess crown.

It seemed that already nothing will move computers from the throne. As said Sergey Karjakin, in our time, the man has no chance in a match against the computer. It is not surprising, given that trained people using chess engines. In 2017 the most powerful engine was considered Stockfish, but in December a computer program capitulated to Alpha Zero.

Alpha zero is samooborony product of neural networks that beat Stockfish without a single defeat. Match alpha zero – Stockfish lasted 100 parties where artificial intelligence has won 28 times and painted a draw in 72 games – the victory of Google. Training at Alpha Zero it took several hours.

The main difference between artificial intelligence chess engine – incorporation of lessons learned from each played. Stockfish just goes through all the possible options (70 million), while an alpha of zero considering only 40 000 positions, discarding all the blunders, failures and futile moves. A senior programmer in the development AlphaZero was a former chess master Demis, Hassabis, which in 90-e was engaged in this game.

Man vs alpha zero in Fischer random chess

The best player in the world for a long time is not defined between people. The last competition between the programs was won by Stockfish, which supports the chess of Bobby Fischer. Alpha zero had defeated Stockfish, and therefore, man will be forced to capitulate in this sport. That the athlete has not turned into a computer, now popularized Chess 960. To watch live battles in this sport can be at the tournament of Champions Showdown: Chess 960, which is held in St. Louis from 11 to 14 September. The matches start every day at 21: 00.

Play Fischer random chess online on the site where you want to create game, then select “Chess 960”, to determine the control time (optimum 10 minutes), and then choose the colour and expect the opponent (usually not more than a minute). Interesting game!

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