Tim Draper: after 15 years of stock market capitalization will reach $80 trillion


Tim Draper: after 15 years of stock market capitalization will reach $80 trillion

American venture capitalist in the third generation and one of the richest members of kriptonyte (as Tim is estimated at $500 million) adjusted its forecast regarding the development of the cryptocurrency market.Here is the new forecast from Tim Draper, made during a speech at the summit DealStreetAsia PE-VC Summit 2018 in Singapore, after 15 years, the market capitalization will reach $80 trillion.

Draper explained that a significant decline in the cryptocurrency market in recent months, due to the fact that mass adoption of cryptocurrency, which had been counted after the December boom, did not happen. Global changes associated with the use of cryptocurrency, always will, but this will not happen before people will become familiar with this technology and understand what advantages it has.

“I think that cryptocurrencies can change the areas that we think can’t be changed, he said. — The Internet has created a market worth $100 billion, cryptocurrency will make a market in the trillions of dollars. I’m talking about financial markets, healthcare, insurance, banking and investment business and even about the use of these assets by governments of different countries.”

A new forecast from Draper’s optimistic, but not as bullish as the previous one, made on 12 June 2018. Then Tim said that in 10 years the market capitalization of the stock market is $100 trillion. $80 trillion in 15 years, of course, worse than $100 trillion in 10, but still nothing.

“I predict that the circulation of Fiat money will be reduced, and that the capitalization of the crypts will reach $100 trillion, with 10% of this amount will be in bitcoin. Space to grow enough” — said the investor.

In the meantime, the market is gradually recovering after falling last week. Recall that on 5 September, the market capitalization decreased from $239 billion to $203 billion on 9 September, the market dropped even more, to $191 billion, and September 12 — to $186 billion Now cryptocore capitalization of $201 billion.

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