Tim Draper: I still believe the Bitcoin price will rise to $250 thousand


A venture capitalist claims that in the next four years the price of the first cryptocurrencies will increase tenfold

The blockchain will change many industries, such as Commerce, banking, insurance and real estate, said the billionaire venture capital investor Tim Draper. In an interview with The Street he stated that he is sticking with his forecast of $250 thousand per bitcoin by 2022.

Draper said that he believed in cryptocurrency after the exchange Mt. Gox was robbed. Then he noticed that the price of bitcoin has decreased only by 10% -15%, and not collapsed as many expected. It was an indication that people need in digital money, said the investor.

He bought 40 000 bitcoins seized by the Federal marshals Service of the US marketplace the Silk Road. The specialist added that the development of new technology makes human life more secure, and crypto currencies allow everyone to open your own Bank and easily overcome geographical boundaries.

Tim Draper recommended to buy bitcoin, while the cost is low enough. For the first time investor has predicted the growth of the first cryptocurrency to a level of $250 thousand in mid-April, when the average market price of the coins was $8 thousand.

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