Tim Draper is not afraid to overpay for a Bitcoin ten times.


Tim Draper is not afraid to overpay for a Bitcoin ten times.

He is not afraid to overpay for cryptocurrencies, because I am sure that new financial technologies are playing such an important role in the progress of mankind, that the regulation of this industry not only street a hindrance, but even will be focused in the end on all sorts of stimulating development of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The transition period will take four years, with the result that in the market there is extremely clear and simple rules of the game.

The only one who can try to slow down the movement in this direction, as noted by Tim Draper — it’s the banks who are afraid of losing the status quo. The owners and management of banks will try to lobby for limitations of cryptocurrencies, however, the entrepreneur believes that governments will act in accordance with the logic of the interests of all sectors of the economy who benefit from the introduction of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

In the end, he believes that by 2022, no one will talk about the technology of the distributed registry and cryptomath as phenomena which oppose themselves to the modern technological way, because this way already integrates these financial innovations, and they will be the essence of the new economic and technological order.

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