To be saved from themselves. Why Steven Hawking wanted to protect us from ourselves


To be saved from themselves. Why Steven Hawking wanted to protect us from ourselves

Questions about what awaits humanity in the future occupied the minds of many scientists. One of them was Stephen Hawking — a talented physicist, whose work allows us to look at many centuries ahead. Unfortunately, the selected vision for the future of people were pessimistic. About why the great scientist believed that humanity has no future, at least on Earth, learn from our material.

As a man harms himself

“The threat of destruction of humanity in this century is greater than ever before, and the main danger is the progress of science” — such statement the scientist shook the world in 2016. The man who dedicated himself to studying the mysteries of the universe, while being one of the most respected experts in the world, ironically suggested that his life is an integral part of future disaster. The statement of Hawking was acutely accepted in the scientific community. So, his colleague, Isaac, Ashman, noted that the danger lies not in science itself, and the dualism of the use of scientific discoveries.

In his opinion, each opening may be provided in the form of medals. One side is good. Other invariably brings destruction.

As an example, Dr. Ashman led the process of creating nuclear weapons: its development was initiated in attempts to withstand the onslaught of Nazi Germany, deterrence, with the goal of ending the war. Today, however, in the absence of such explicit threats, countries continue development, exposing the whole world to the threat.

After the bombs “Little boy” and “Fat man” on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a group of scientists involved in their creation, came to the conclusion that continued development will destroy the world, literally burying it in a “nuclear pit”. In attempts to stop “the mechanism”, they send the government a letter of request, which explain the risks of further production of weapons of this class.

However, note that the continuation of the work in the nuclear industry is the greatest boon to mankind since the study of the processes of fission of atoms allows to substantially advance the science and improve the conditions of life on Earth, the creation of nuclear power plants, supply systems on the basis of nuclear fission.

It is understood that no technique and technology are not self-existing. Behind every decision to use is a man who driven by different needs. People tend to irrationality and aggression, which in no way contribute to the effectiveness of the application of scientific achievements. The lack of change in behavioral culture is the key to self-destruction, but for positive changes necessary changes at the level of human nature itself. That is why Hawking was isolated homo sapiens, as the main danger to the world.

Five of the claims Stephen Hawking

The scientist managed to share with the world a lot of amazing observations and conclusions, which his descendants have cause to reflect on the necessity of changing their relationship to the planet, trapping the dangers and opportunities of scientific development.

People are not alone in the universe

Scientist believed that in space there is life. Upon detection of other civilizations, it is recommended to refrain from contact, believing that communication with higher intelligence may be very dangerous. He compared the humanity with the Indians and their destiny, which they have been exposed to as a result of the arrival on their land of invaders. It is likely that other civilization is in search of a new home, which for them and can become Earth. In this case, the humanity will face imminent death or war for available resources.

Humanity needs a new home

One of the most terrible statements of Stephen Hawking was as follows: “in 1000 years people will not be able to live on Earth.” In his opinion, there are a number of threats, the totality of which can lead to the destruction of the planet and humanity. Among the most dangerous factors he singled out the following: natural disasters, nuclear war, genetic modification of viruses, overpopulation, pollution. In his speech at Oxford, Hawking urged people to pay more attention to space travel, which, in his opinion, are the fundamental element for the search in the best case, emergency, and at worst a new home.

The man turns the planet into a bubble

Another problem that was identified Hawking, was the depletion of the Earth: in the process of mining, humanity is literally “sucks out” the planet. The fence is much greater than the rate necessary to compensate. Accordingly, the formation of voids, which, sooner or later, will create the effect of a “bubble”. The latter, amid its incredible fragility, sooner or later “explode”.

The universe is also not eternal

Two weeks before the death of the great scientist they may have completed a work entitled “a Smooth exit from eternal inflation.” In it he held a series of discussions on the timing of the universe. According to his reasoning, sooner or later all the stars will lose their energy, leading to dive into the darkness. The only salvation of mankind, he called the study other universes.

Artificial intelligence — threat

Due to diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis scientist was forced to spend most of his life in a wheelchair. A consequence of performed surgery — tracheostomy was the loss of voice. In order to restore, so far as practicable, the same physical capabilities of the scientist, a group of his friends designed a special wheelchair for transportation, which was equipped with a portable computer with a speech synthesizer. He subsequently improved on the basis of techniques of artificial intelligence. Despite the fact that Hawking himself used the opportunities AI, he throughout his life argued that such a technology is the worst thing that humanity created. By the way, it was completely solidary Elon Musk.

The concern of the scientist was: as soon as AI get a chance to fully develop, using available information, mankind will be threatened. Despite the fact that today is still not possible to create a mechanism, computing power, which would be close to the performance of the brain, in the near future, if you observe the pace of development, this problem will be solved. Having the mental capabilities that are comparable to human, robots will be able to use their strength and power against people.

Stephen Hawking for many years his research was obsessed with finding a way to save people from themselves. Despite the termination of his physical life, the works of the Professor who inspired an incredible number of researchers worldwide, will remain forever its perpetual continuation. And maybe, once it is on the basis of Hawking, the human race will be saved.

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