To the payment ecosystem, Ripple joined two more startups


To the payment ecosystem, Ripple joined two more startups

Two more large companies become parties to the Ripple ecosystem.

First, to the payment system RippleNet joined the British trade and foreign exchange company MoneyNetInt. She will use the product to handle its international operations.

This is stated in the application startup on Twitter.

Another financial company, Malaysian MoneyМatch will be to use a product from team Ripple to transfer funds from Asia and Europe. The startup has reported the successful testing of the Ripple payment solution called xVia when transferring funds from Malaysia to Spain, according to the Ethereum World News.

Adrian YAP, CEO of a startup MoneyMatch, said:

We proudly declare that it could produce legitimate international money transfer to Europe with the product of the Ripple team, which helps us to integrate the new blockchain technology in the Malaysian financial services industry.

Earlier it was reported that the user of the product, the Ripple became a Spanish financial holding company Santander, which began to use the service Onepay FX to process their international payments.

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