Today will be the start of the blockchain cryptocurrency Tezos


17 Sep Swiss cryptocurrency project Tezos announced the launch of its own blockchain. Today marks the end of a period of network testing which began in June 2018 and will be the official release Mainnet Tezos!

Have a great weekend, everyone, because mainnet arrives Monday!

— Tezos Foundation (@TezosFoundation) September 14, 2018

In June 2017, the company Tezos successfully completed an initial offer of coins (ICO): startup managed to attract funding in the amount of $230 million. Many members of the crypto community quickly blamed the project’s creators of fraud, as the collection of funds took the form of “repayable financial assistance”. The firm wanted a way to protect themselves in the event of failure of the project. However, investors ‘ fears are not justified: the startup has fulfilled its promise and released tokens, and a year later introduced its own blockchain.

The creators of blockchain Tezos call it the “people’s network” because the monitoring platform will be wholly owned by the community. The system is developed in the programming language OCaml, which is why the blockchain will differ from competitors ‘ high productivity and flexibility, and will also be able to samomoderirovanie and change without the need for a hard fork. Moreover, the network Tezos as the Ethereum blockchain, support decentralized applications and smart contracts.

At the moment, cryptocurrency Tezos (XTZ) took 16th place in terms of capitalization, which is $952 million. The turnover is 763 million coins, however, the company plans to produce about 600 million XTZ after the successful launch of the blockchain, so traders should expect a short-term depreciation of the currency.

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