Tom Jessop, Fidelity: we are not planning to trade cryptocurrencies


President of the holding company, under upravleniem which is $2.1 trillion, is not going to open the market, but it is going to launch cold storage assets

The President of one of the largest holding companies Fidelity Investments Tom Jessop in the podcast Unconfirmed told about the plans for digital money. Organization which manages assets of $2.1 trillion, in mid-October announced plans to launch a cryptocurrency units.

According to Jessop, the company plans to launch its own platform for trading digital money, as existing exchanges do a good job with their tasks. Initially, Fidelity plans to create products for storage of large assets, institutional investors who are showing interest in this area.

The expert stressed that the company is eliminating one of the main obstacles for the clients of such level — to create a more traditional storage option means by which customers can make transactions at several venues. Fidelty knows how to deal with insecurity on a large scale, said Jessop.

Investors ‘ interest will grow as the development of the market, the expert believes. He believes that market analysts, hedge Fund managers and family offices capital engaged in the development of crypto products and tools, it will positively affect the development of the industry.

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