Tom Lee: Trend of 2019 will be the regulation of security-tokens


Tom Lee: Trend of 2019 will be the regulation of security-tokens

A prominent analyst believes “parade tablconv” the result of the experiments, explain the formation and development of the market. But the tokenization of assets is an area where there really is demand from institutional clients and where to expect changes.

The founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors believes stabilini in all their diversity a temporary phenomenon, a kind of experiment, due to the current phase of market development, moreover, is quite complicated technically. Release your stablon can not every company or stock exchange, said Tom Lee, commenting in an interview with the latest developments in the market and the trends for the next, 2019.

“I have no opinion on which of tablconv better — said, as for the Tether, I think he has performed quite a useful function. Look, the rate of Tether recently fell, but bitcoin has grown. Remember all those studies that Tether — a tool of speculation through the course of bitcoin. And here Tether collapsed, and bitcoin is not.”

A much more promising area, according to the expert, is the tokenization of assets, security tokens — this is what most interested in the representatives of the traditional markets that operate on big money.

“We constantly communicate with clients, most of them are traditional markets, and their interest in the tokens of securities is very high, — says Lee. — It’s not the sky-high expectations of growth; as we understand it, the tokens of the securities will not repeat the takeoff of bitcoin”.

Investors consider security-tokens as more sophisticated tools that allow you to invest in conventional assets, taking advantage of digital technologies. “Everything here is difficult owing to regulatory uncertainty around security tokens. I think the regulation in this area will be one of the most discussed topics in the next year”, — said the head of Fundstrat Global Advisors.

But the new foreign exchange forecasts If this time not voiced, only just explained how generated forecast level of $22 thousand per bitcoin before the end of the year, and recalled that the bitcoin long rolls back from peak values, but takes off rapidly. Well, until the end of the year has nothing, and soon we will see how realistic this will be his prediction.

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