Tommy Robinson got 20 000 pounds of donations in bitcoin




Supporters of the British Tommy Robinson who hold right-wing views, who was recently released on bail after a 13-month prison sentence for contempt of court, donated around £ 20,000 in bitcoin.

According to the assessment Evening Standard, the level of support Robinson, which comes from Washington and Istanbul, alarming organization, which control the right actions. The number of subscribers to Facebook account Robinson reached 830 000 people, which is 10 percent more than in may, when he was imprisoned. The number of subscribers on his YouTube channel increased by 20 percent, and now stands at around 230,000.

20,000 pounds include payment of £ 5,500 to his bitcoin wallet when Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, has been jailed after he allegedly shot people in the criminal process and posted the footage on social networks. His supporters criticized his imprisonment as a violation of freedom of speech.

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