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Stable cryptocurrency, or stablemen, is a cryptocurrency with a fixed rate. The rate of most cryptocurrencies is determined by the market: buyers and sellers exchanging tokens, and the course is formed by supply and demand. Stable cryptocurrency on the contrary, trying to have a fixed rate.

There are three approaches to creating a stable cryptocurrency:

  • With collateral in the form of Fiat currency
  • With security in the form of cryptocurrency
  • Based on Signorini obligations (in fact it is an independent, unsecured currency, issue which deals with the “algorithmic Central Bank”).
  • Now on the market almost every day there are new stable cryptocurrency exchange regularly and add them to the listing. Consider the most notable stabilini today.

    1. Tether

    At the moment, Tether (UDST) is the largest stable cryptocurrency. On the website on October 25, it occupies the ninth position with a market capitalization of $ 1.8 billion.

    Of the company, the Issuer argues that the Tether is fully provided with traditional currency. In other words, 1 UDST (the idea) is always equal to $1. The company also maintains Euro and soon hopes to add stablein based on the Japanese yen.

    The cryptocurrency was created in 2015 and was originally called Realcoin. The project site is that it facilitates the exchanges, wallets, payment systems, financial services, ATMs and enables the use of Fiat currency on the blockchain. Tether integrated, many members of the crypto ecosystems:

    The cryptocurrency community is concerned that the Tether Limited reserves, insufficient to provide all USDT in circulation, but the company strongly denies all the accusations:

    “Our reserves are always adequate and always match the number of coins in circulation”.2. TrueUSD

    TrueUSD another stablein based on the U.S. dollar. According to the official project “every TrueUSD 100% backed by dollars held in accounts in the respective depositories”.

    Cryptocurrency is a 45 place on the website its capitalization amounts to 176 million dollars.

    TrueUSD was created for widespread applications, including basic financial services, trade and online Commerce. Currently in circulation is more 174,6 million coins, and their numbers will always match dollar reserves on the target account. TrueUSD available on Binance, Bittrex, Upbit and several other exchanges.

    In the future, the platform plans to add TrueEuro, TrueYen and stable licenzirovanie of the basket commodities (including precious metals and property).

    3. EURS

    In June, the Malta platform Stasis launched EURS — new stable coin on the blockchain Ethereum, ensured the Euro. Currently in circulation is 12,29 million tokens. EURS was listed on two exchanges, HitBTC and DSX.

    The developers claim that this version licenzirovanie € “combines the advantages of the blockchain technology and traditional Finance.”

    Stasis emphasizes that the EURS are very convenient for international payments, because it combines the stability and reliability of traditional currencies with the advantages of the blockchain.

    In addition, the Euro and other currencies — not only the types of assets that can be tokenservice on this platform. With the appropriate demand can be converted to digital form securities and other assets.

    4. DAI

    MakerDao (DAI) is a token of the standard ERC-20, pegged to the U.S. dollar. DAI will always be worth $1, regardless of the number of tokens in circulation.

    The stability of crypto-currencies supported by the system of collateral and management of quotations, however it is not secured dollar-denominated assets. Instead, DAI is created on demand and is supported by an appropriate number of air.

    Any user with Ethereum-wallet can store, receive and transmit the DAI, like any other token ERC-20. Currently, DAI is a 98-th position on; the total capitalization of cryptocurrencies is 66 million dollars.

    5. Digix Gold

    Digix Gold (DGX) tokensecret gold on the Ethereum blockchain. Tokens DGX represent the precious metal, 1 DGX equivalent to 1 gram of gold.

    DGX can easily transfer between exchanges and platforms based on Ethereum.

    Also tokens can be stored in wallets that are compatible with standard ERC-20. According to the Digix Gold, DGX secured by bars of pure gold from manufacturers approved by the London Association of precious metals market.

    The founders claim that they buy only gold of the highest quality, mainly in the form of 100-gram bars from the famous Swiss manufacturers such as Valcambi, Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux (PAMP), and Metalor.

    6. Globcoin

    Cryptocurrency Globcoin (GLX) provided 15 different international currencies and gold. GLX is a stable asset that serves as a store of value and medium of exchange.

    7. Basis

    Basis — this is an example of unsecured stablon. The developers created a mechanism that supports its value at $1. This is done with the algorithm adjusting the proposal.

    When the demand increases, the blockchain creates extra coins. Increased supply should lower prices. Conversely, when demand falls, blockchain buys coins to maintain their value.

    8. SwissRealCoin

    The cost stablon SwissRealCoin tied to the portfolio of the Swiss commercial real estate. He serves as a liaison between real estate, cryptocurrencies and technology (bloccano, artificial intelligence, big data) and allows you to automate the management of real estate on the blockchain.

    9. X8C

    Token X8C 100% secured by assets. Its value is pegged to a basket consisting of gold and eight Fiat currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, AUD, GBP, CAD, CHF, NZD.

    The creators X8C claim that tokens can be used for long term storage of capital and are ideal for raising funds during the IPO/ICO, as the stability X8C allows you to plan in advance the distribution of funds and costs.

    Also X8C allows to fix the level of wages paid to the employee amount will grow with inflation.

    10. Kowala

    Stablon Kowala (kUSD) is tied to the value of the US dollar. Tokens are automatically generated bloccano to meet the market demand. Their number is not limited and may grow to 1 billion. All the new kUSD distributed among the miners.

    If the weighted average price of kUSD will exceed $1, the blockchain will increase the generation of kUSD with each unit. On the other hand, if the average price of kUSD will fall below $1, will automatically increase transaction fees, and the proceeds of the coins will be destroyed by sending to a dead-end address.

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