Toshi goodbye: Coinbase has launched a new wallet


Toshi goodbye: Coinbase has launched a new wallet

The largest crypto currency exchange USA has created a Coinbase Wallet — wallet for broadcast and token standard ERC-20.

Full circle: in the beginning, Coinbase was a simple provider cryptanalytic wallet. A platform for the exchange of the crypts appeared later due to the fact (this is a quote of Brian Armstrong) that “all use email, but nobody wants to run your own mail server”. Well, the exchange is working properly and she once again needed own reliable and convenient wallet.

In 2014, Coinbase has released Toshi, API for developing dapps, which created Toshi is the app that combines a browser, chat, and wallet. Toshi did not last long: he was replaced by a new development company — Coinbase Wallet.

“Our goal was to make the management of scriptactive as comfortable as possible and provide access to decentralized networks using a mobile app — according to the Coinbase blog. — We wanted to create the most reliable crypto. In Coinbase Wallet your private keys are protected using the Secure Enclave and biometric authentication”.

Coinbase Wallet supports transactions with the ETH and all the tokens of the standard ERC-20. Soon the wallet will add support of cue, the cache bitcoin and litecoin. The user with a Coinbase Wallet can get tokens, distributed through Andropov and ICO.

And Yes, if you use Toshi, don’t worry: the app will be automatically updated to your Coinbase Wallet.

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