Tron and Qtum — main competitors Ethereum


Tron and Qtum — main competitors Ethereum

John Wilner, blogger and consultant to major companies such as Microsoft and Google, have prepared a report which refers to the fact that the main web hosting service of today may lose its leading position. Competition Ethereum will be Tron and Qtum.

Wilner believes that smart contracts Tron and Qtum, and the applications created on these platforms is the future of blockchain technology. In a Forbes article, the blogger States that the virtual machine Qtum more effective than a similar instrument the Broadcast.

Qtum and Tron developers to create applications using various programming languages. For example, the Tron allows you to work in Java. It is much easier than in the Air, where programming DApps and smart contracts is possible only on Solidity — not too popular among developers language. This, according to John Vilner, has led to a reduction in the number of people willing to cooperate with the Air developers.

Speaking of Qtum, Wilner focuses on supporting SegWit, making Qtum is more effective bloccano. Furthermore, Qtum can use Lightning Network, and Aired just getting ready to implement protocols to improve network scalability.

In favor of Qtum as evidenced by the desire of developers to launch in 2019 QtumX — corporate version of the blockchain. Products and services developed by Qtum, still not tested, but it is only a matter of time, according to the blogger.

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