Tron is a new version of the wallet with bug fix




Tron (TRX) added “two of the most popular” innovations to recently open TronWallet: multiple accounts and address book to store contacts.

In addition, the new wallet fixed more than 100 bugs, and now it has been translated into five languages: Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Dutch.

Now using the service, users can divide their operations into multiple accounts. For those who are familiar with the application, the appearance has completely changed. Despite the fact that the necessary information remains unchanged on the platform, it is now possible to manage multiple accounts at once. Additional accounts are displayed on the right and left, there you can choose which one is active.

Created account is automatically assigned name, you can also edit information and contact addresses in a new tab “Address book”, as stated in the blog explaining the new feature.

The developers of Tron are

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