Tron launched its own virtual machine


Tron launched its own virtual machine

Justin San announced the launch of a virtual platform Tron (TVM), which will significantly improve the functionality of the web, allowing you to create smart contracts and decentralized Era of the application.

The founder of the platform said that the blockchain Tron (TRX) is 200 times faster Ethereum and 100 times cheaper EOS. In an interview, he announced plans for a startup to enter the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the next six months. According to him, many high-end projects are not interested in the integration of innovations and procedures are outdated, and Tron is full of ambition and has a great opportunity.

Innovation has had a positive impact on the rate of coins, raising it by 12% for a short but the subsequent correction was prevented to take the coveted 10 position. Some positive news kriptonyte such as Declaration of Binance on donating all funds from listing on the charity, denials ShapeShift and Bitfinex charges in their direction, and others, led to the revival of the market and growth recovery of many coins.

Previously, developers of bitcoin and Ethereum has presented new solutions for scaling the network.

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