TRON may soon announce a partnership with the IT giant Baidu


TRON may soon announce a partnership with the IT giant Baidu

The General Director of the TRON project Justin San hinted at the partnership his team with world renowned IT giant, however, did not call this company. As noted by Oracle Times, most likely, we are talking about the TRON collaboration with Chinese Internet company Baidu.

Justin San likes to make intriguing statements. This time he tweeted:

Finally we are first attracted to the partnership of a technological giant with a capital of tens of billions of dollars. Guess its name.

Baidu is on the list of world’s largest IT corporations. This company is often called the Chinese equivalent of Google, as it controls up to 66% of all Internet search in China. On the official partnership could be announced in 2019.

According to CoinMarketCap, now TRX, coin TRON, is trading in the area of growth and has risen to $0,02, adding almost 3%. The market capitalization of this digital asset has reached $1.64 billion

TRON is constantly evolving. Proof of the growing influence of this crypto-currency project was the recent purchase of a BitTorrent.

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