TRON plans to integrate the TRX token in the BitTorrent ecosystem


Decentralized Internet startup TRON unveiled the details of integrating the BitTorrent torrent client.

In a press release dated 27 September, the startup TRON, bought in July, BitTorrent unveiled a plan for the integration of TRX token in the ecosystem of platforms for content distribution – “Project Atlas”, consisting of a series of changes in the Protocol.

The head of a startup TRON Justin San said that the changes will lead to “faster downloads and increased seeds”:

“We aim ultimately to support all content creators and their communities, by eliminating intermediaries and providing content creators to distribute their creations directly to users”

Under the plan, users will be able to motivate other tokens, for example, for faster downloading, and those who continued to distribute the files after download, they will receive tokens as a reward, all the details about startup promised to tell you of the 28th of September.

Competitors of the project will be already known in the arena of the scheme of awarding the cryptocurrency for content creation, including the project of Kim Dotcom, who operates bitcoin.

Recall that in August at least five employees left after the acquisition of the BitTorrent p2p network Justin San that, according to the sources, due to fears of staff about the competence of the new owner and a new direction of development of the company, proposed by the controversial startup.

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