TRON (TRX) will launch a new blockchain, which was voted all the creators of the blocks




New blockchain TRON (TRX) has just reached a significant milestone, and all 27 “Superpractical” voted for the new network. Representatives are elected by the community TRON (TRX) and are assigned with the important task of verifying transactions and creating new blocks.

Today #TRON is entering the Governance Era, with all 27 SRs elected by the community! A small step for TRON, a giant leap for digital democracy and for $TRX holders. Keep voting to elect the SRs for our community! Make your voice heard

— TRON Foundation (@Tronfoundation) August 22, 2018

TRON has officially decided to abandon his original token-based Ethereum and launched its own network in the end of last month. Since then, 53 cryptocurrency exchanges changed the old tokens TRX ERC-20 for those that operate on the new blockchain.

TRON also is preparing for the official release of its virtual machines and to update Mainnet, both procedures were scheduled for later this month that will give developers the tools required to create decentralized applications. It should be noted that earlier Justin San called on the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro to link national crypto-currency of Venezuela El Petro with his network.

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