Tron Virtual Machine is officially launched. Token rose


The new platform on the blockchain Tron will simplify access to the system for developers of decentralized applications. During the week the price of bitcoin has risen by 20%

The founder of a startup Tron Justin San held a presentation of Tron Virtual Machine. It is a system built on the blockchain of the project, which needs to expand its ecosystem. Its main feature — easy access to the platform for developers of decentralized applications.

“We are confident that Tron will lead the industry to a new phase of development. We believe that we can create a decentralized Internet,” said San.

Among the main functions of the TVM — fully compatible with Ethereum, unique virtual memory and friendly to the users model energy consumption. The release of the beta version of the system took place in late July.

The cost of the token Tron rose to $0,024. A week ago, on August 24, she was at the level of $0,020. During this time the cryptocurrency has risen by 20%.

In late July, the Tron project has acquired the service BitTorrent. This cooperation should help to free the Internet from the big corporations and return the users access privileges to data, said Justin San.

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