“Tron(TRX) Fondation” — details of the acquisition and dismissal of BitTorent




Let’s talk about the details of the transaction

Justin song and “Tron(TRX) Fondation” has officially gained a well-known peer-to-peer platform BitTorrent (BitTorrent) in the middle of June. Transaction was made through Rainberry Acquisition Inc., $120 million in cash. Firm of BitTorrent even took a step forward and officially Twitter has stated the following:

It’s official. BitTorrent — now part of #TRON. We introduced the largest decentralized p2p Protocol in the world, now we have joined efforts with the MARKET to build the future of the decentralized Internet.

Since the crypto market was buzzing with speculation about how Justin and TRON (TRX) are going to integrate the P2P platform in the Tron project (TRX). Team BitTorrent later wrote about the situation on Twitter after the election victory:

Our team was just elected as one of 27 representatives of #TRON ! We hope to play our role in network stability and reliability. Thank you for Your support!

New additions to the team in the BitTorrent and the exit of some participants of their team.

The team of BitTorrent has also increased, to hire another 16 employees and 5 decided to leave the company after the acquisition. The firm further explained:

Our team since the acquisition is growing very fast. We hired 16 new employees since the end of June, while the 5 people left the team, so as to pursue other goals in further education and further development. Happy moment for new team members to join us, and together we will make our vision a reality!

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