Tryptomer for a week: Bitcoin more popular than gold, Chinese miners in Russia, the anniversary


Tryptomer for a week: Bitcoin more popular than gold, Chinese miners in Russia, the anniversary

At the end of the week we summarize what wrote these seven days, and collect everything that is relevant for fans of the cryptocurrency and decentralized technology. This week XRP dipped to 92% of its last year’s record high, adding 50 million tokens Tether, and the Turkish Lira has become more volatile than bitcoin.

The main thing

Ten years ago, August 18, 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto and Marty Malmi registered the domain which today remains one of the best (if not the best) source of information about the main cryptocurrency in the greatest possible number of languages.

Bitcoin according to the average intraday volume of transactions surpassed gold. It happened in the second quarter of 2017, once the world’s leading bitcoin reached parity with the price of an ounce of gold, and is still, despite the decline in bitcoin in recent months.

Online edition 8BTC spoke about how disgraced Chinese miners to work in Russia and other host countries.


The author of the book “Rich dad, poor dad” and other bestsellers, businessman, investor and educator Robert Kiyosaki said that the us dollar is fraud, and bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — “people’s money” who will survive in Fiat.

Notorious Internet pirate and supporter of bitcoin Kim Dotcom calls on everyone to invest in gold and bitcoins, as every year, the us government adds to the national debt $1 trillion. This debt will never be paid. According to Dotcom made on Twitter, the debt will destroy US and lead to global economic collapse.

Economist and Director of the publishing house of the American Institute for economic research Jeffrey Tucker denounced the banking elite and governments for their long-standing monopoly money, which led to “world wars, depression and inflation, huge public debt and the emergence of totalitarian States, who have learned to pave their way to power and wealth via the printing press”.

In an online broadcast Q&A promoter of bitcoin, the author of “Mastering bitcoin” and “Internet money” Andreas Antonopoulos stated that it did not support the introduction of a bitcoin ETF. Antonopoulos see no urgent need to run this tool. In his opinion, it is a “multi-billion dollar industry where you don’t own bitcoins”.


The head of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes believes that the price of air moving in double figures. In Crypto Trader Digest from BitMEX he called the Ethereum “shitkino, the price of which was reinforced by the ICO” — at least from the beginning of 2017. All investments came from venture capitalists, who, according to him, in the end capitulate to the bear market and sell broadcast and tokens ERC20 at any price.

Support Bitcoin Cash can be costly for Bitmain. Vijay Boyapati, programmer at Peach and cryptologi, expressed an informed opinion that Bitmain made one of the worst deals in 2017, when he decided to support Bitcoin Cash instead of bitcoin. He argues that the company is sitting on such a large reserve of cryptocurrency, “is not able to get out of their billion dollar positions in the BCH without full collapse of the course”.

According to a new study conducted by the Crypto Fund Research, the world is now 466 cryptocurrency investment funds. Based on current indicators, the researchers suggest that in 2018 there 165 new cryptocurrency funds, which is slightly higher than the same period in 2017, when there were 156 organizations. Josh Gnaizda, the founder of Crypto Fund Research that finds the increase in the number of hedge funds surprising given the drop in prices of cryptocurrencies.

According to a new study by scientists from the Rhine— Westphalian technical University of Aachen (Germany), a browser miner Coinhive mainit 1271 XMR per month. Researchers estimate that Coinhive produces about 1.18 percent of all units Monero. The developers of miner get 30% of every mined coin. The authors of the study argue that a large part of the commissions is sent to a small group of people.


Cryptocurrency TRON was added to the Singapore exchange BitBox. On this occasion, the platform announced airdrop in the amount of 9 000 000 tokens TRX, and the user community TRON chose BitTorrent as one of the 27 “superprestige”, which will ensure the operation of the network.

Ripple and Bittrex, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States in trading volume, agreed that the latter will use XRP platform for international payments. Also Ripple announced a partnership with cryptomeria Bitso and

Representatives of the social network Facebook has denied reports that its task the working group is considering the launch of cryptocurrency project in collaboration with Stellar. Referring to the press— Secretary of Facebook, the Agency of financial news Cheddar reports that the company is not going to create anything on the Stellar Protocol and its of the crypto unit had not discussed with representatives of this project is a fork of Stellar with the aim of launching independent of the blockchain network.


Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announces the launch of an open learning platform “Academy Binance”, which is designed to help users expand their knowledge in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Educational initiative will solve the problem of the lack of a single online knowledge base on the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Huobi, the Chinese company, together with its partners launches cryptocurrency exchanges in five countries: Russia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia and Canada. Partners “will have at its disposal owned by Huobi system integration orders, the system of the purses, the possibility of asset management and clearing system”.

In the world of the blockchain

Decentralized funding platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and creditors “Pinelog 2.0” (Finolog 2.0) has attracted as a “messenger” politician Mikhail Saakashvili. The creators of the project declare that their mission is “to overthrow a corrupt and ineffective state power and the transformation of government corrupt countries into a Bastion of law and justice” and to “deprive the banks of their impact on the economy and inefficient management of finances.”

The Bank of Montreal pension Fund Ontario teacher tested the debt deal with the canadian dollar based on blockchain technology. During the pilot transaction, the Bank sold the pension Fund annual certificates of Deposit floating interest rate on $250 million canadian dollars (approximately $190 million). The blockchain is used for mirroring of the transaction.

Two new patent applications from Microsoft have hinted that the Corporation seeks to improve its blockchain— based solutions with a secure execution environment. Grading system TEE will create an environment in which “does not require recalculation to verify the” pre-authorized the entity to directly transfer the “updated official status” of a processed transaction.

IBM has filed a patent application on the system transaction ID, which will be based on the nodes of the blockchain. Described in the document, the system provides for the extraction of data from the nodes of the blockchain to identify different types of transactions. Any transaction is assigned to a node or several nodes, that can store valuable information about the nature of the transaction.

Blockchain startup Axoni completed a round of series B financing, which raised funds from Goldman Sachs and Nyca Partners for $32 million to the Representatives of American companies said they plan to use these funds to continue developing its technology, data synchronization, and also the language for smart contracts AxLang which is compatible with Ethereum. The startup plans to increase the number of products with regard to their own audited the blockchain called the AxCore.

Problems with the law

The center released a report showed that fraudulent ICO— projects — exit scams — cost to investors of approximately $100 million, with the lion’s share of the stolen money ($68 million) accounted for the scheme, which the attackers made in the first two weeks of August. The largest project of this kind, presumably organized by the Chinese company Puyin Blockchain Group in Shenzhen, has raised $60 million during the three ICO, and then attracted the attention of the Supervisory body, the State administration of market regulation (SMRA).

American captainvalor Michael Turpin filed a lawsuit against a telecommunications conglomerate AT&T for negligence, which resulted in the loss of nearly $24 million in the cryptocurrency. In his complaint, Turpin, business angel, the founder of investment group of Bit Angels, says that for seven months was the victim of two break-ins security system AT&T to replace the SIM card. According to him, the company knew about the vulnerability and its employees “cooperate with the hackers.”

Indian police have arrested two individuals involved in a fraudulent project GainBitcoin. Their arrest followed a series of arrests in Delhi, where police raided a large mining farm. Two suspects were involved in promoting the Scam project, estimated at $300 million, among thousands of investors across India. According to police, the detainees received funds hundred people, and then fled. Now have to figure out the exact number of victims.

Other events

15— year-old hacker Saleem Rasheed played DOOM on the “uncrackable” purse John McAfee, who recently headed the blockchain startup Luxcore. The award for breaking wallet can claim only those who are able to withdraw from it is a cryptocurrency, so Salem $250 000 until light, about what spoke rather sharply itself McAfee.

American investors can now buy exchange traded notes (ETN) on bitcoin through online brokers, banks or consultants. This proposal gives investors wary of direct investment in bitcoin, the opportunity to enter the market.

Venezuelan authorities intend to create a Central Bank for cryptocurrencies. The national Constituent Assembly prepares to amend the country’s Constitution, according to which the Bank will be mentioned in the basic law along with the new “court of constitutional guarantees”, whose powers exceed the powers of the Supreme court.

Articles of the week
Writer, editor and futurist Michael Spencer in his article talks about the eight countries where the most successfully developing cryptocurrency, and the blockchain technology has the support of the authorities and popular with the public.
Akbar thobhani General Director of the brokerage company SFOX, which specializiruetsya on cryptocurrency trading. Previously he was a developer at the jet propulsion laboratory at NASA and Director of business development at Airbnb. In his article Akbar analyzes arbitrage cryptocurrency on the market, its opportunities and risks.
Paul Vigna and Stephen Russolillo in an article for the Wall Street Journal drew attention to how quickly Tether, digital currency, allegedly secured by US dollars, has become one of the foundations of volatile cryptocurrency market, and the lack of hard evidence of the existence of these dollars is a serious threat to the industry.
Bestselling author and renowned lecturer Bernard Marr has prepared for Forbes compilation of the most interesting statements of businessmen, investors and technical specialists, as well as very far from this sphere of people about the blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
Journalist Natalie Stucky from Switzerland, living in Tokyo, tells the story of a Japanese family ensured that poorly invested his life savings in bitcoin.
Writer, analyst, investor, Manager, startups, theorist and strategist of the blockchain. William talks about potential usage scenarios of this technology.

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