Tryptomer for the week: Balerina ETH, XRP Larsen and Easter eggs Nakamoto


Tryptomer for the week: Balerina ETH, XRP Larsen and Easter eggs Nakamoto

At the end of the week we summarize what wrote these seven days, and collect everything that is relevant for fans of the cryptocurrency and decentralized technology. This week acne Buterin predicted the global financial crisis and demonstrated their supplies of air, Ripple CEO Chris Larsen made the list of Forbes, the SEC is prepared to review its decisions on applications for the bitcoin ETF, unknown cryptanthus found the Easter eggs Satoshi Nakamoto, and Harvard and Stanford have invested in cryptoforge after Yale.


Nouriel Roubini, the famous American economist and critic of the cryptocurrency this week, Twitter made several Kryne critical remarks in the address of the Creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, whom he called “dictator for life”. A few days in response to the forecast Buterin the global financial crisis, Roubini obenyl him of incompetence and called, along with Joseph, Lyubino, others soonawala Ethereum, criminals assigning 75% of the released air, and began to “fake billionaires.” To these statements the boy replied that he never kept more than 0.9% of the total issued ether and demonstrated their supplies of air.

In a recent speech by Jack MA, head of Alibaba and Ant financial conglomerate Financial cost of $150 billion, said that pays particular attention to bitcoin and the blockchain, because it considers them a key technology in creating a “cashless” society.

Leading CNBC Rand Neuner said recently that bought bitcoins even parents, because the market is “going to explode”. It should be noted that Neuner always been a “bitcoin bull”.


The company’s specialists Chainalysis working in the blockchain Analytics, believe that “bitcoin whales” not as bad as some people think, but rather the opposite: they contribute to market stabilization.

Grayscale Investments, the company has published the latest data on digital currencies, which are most attractive to institutional investors. Grayscale Investments claims that 12% of investors tend to buy XRP in its affiliated Fund Large Cap Digital and that this figure increased by 9.9% compared to the previous quarter.

According to the research of Crypto Fund Research, the number of created cryptocurrency hedge Fund 2018 became the absolute leader. During the first three quarters of 2018 was launched 90 hedge Fund focused on digital assets. At year-end the number of these funds can grow to 120.

According to research firm Autonomous Next, the volumes involved at ICO in 2018 decreased by 90%.

A new study by the research company Juniper Research called “the Future of cryptocurrency: Trends and challenges bitcoin and altcoins 2018— 2023” indicates a possible collapse of the cryptocurrency market. In his paper, Juniper Research drew attention to the decline in average daily volumes of transactions in the bitcoin network and rapid reduction of the cryptocurrency market.

According to analysts of the International monetary Fund (IMF), the rapid development of the cryptocurrency industry is a threat to the global financial system. The document notes that more digital currencies will be integrated into the modern economy, the higher the risk of destabilization. At the same time in the latest report of the financial stability Board (FSB) says that the cryptocurrencies do not threaten financial stability.

In a new report, researchers from the universities of Princeton and Florida, States that the growing influence of China in key infrastructure bitcoin gives the Chinese government significant power over the main cryptocurrency and even the ability to destroy it.

The national Institute of standards and technology (NIST) prepared a report on the blockchain technology, which claims that cases of its application not so much as we are trying to convince. The report says that “little is known” how to apply this technology. The authors write, pointing to the desire of people “to apply it to everything”


Researchers Ethereum recently introduced a new solution for scalability outside of the Ethereum blockchain — sidechained based on Snark. It will allow users to transfer tokens, and the air outside the network at speed of transactions to 17 000. This speed can be compared with the figure Visa and promises the blockchain and cryptocurrency to a whole new level.

Co-founder and former CEO of Ripple, and Chris Larsen made the list of 400 leading world’s richest according to Forbes, taking the 383— th place. He became the first ever person involved in the rating, whose condition is made exclusively through cryptocurrencies.

Starting this week, Venezuelans have to pay the state duty for the passport exclusively in the state bitcoin Petro. This was stated by Vice— President, Delcy Rodriguez. At the same time, American senators demanded to strengthen sanctions against cryptocurrency Petro.

Update Odyssey 3.1 software network TRON — will not only speed up transactions but also to reduce their cost, said the team leader TRON Foundation Justin San. The network upgrade will provide the ability to make transactions 100 times faster and cheaper than your network EOS. And if you compare with the Ethereum network, operations at TRON will be 200 times faster and cheaper.

The Japanese Internet conglomerate, GMO Internet has confirmed its plans to release stablon tied to the Japanese yen. In its statement the GMO noted that the main incentive for the development of stablon will be international money transfers.


Company Coinbase added token Protocol 0x (ZRX) on their trading platform Coinbase Pro (formerly GDAX). This is the first token ERC20, which is supported by Coinbase.

Administration cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has denied the information on the financial problems allegedly facing the court. In the last few days such rumors were exaggerated in cryptosphere much more active than before. This forced the administration to publish a special post, which rejects mail on insolvency.

The largest South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb announced the launch of indicators of market movements digital assets. These indexes will allow traders to monitor the movements of the prices of all coins that are traded on the platform. Also Bithumb has confirmed that more than 38% of its capital sold to Singapore blockchain consortium, BK Global.

Binance announced the upcoming delisting of four of cryptocurrency and will send to charity all fees charged for listing new digital assets. All operations on the collection Committee will be fully transparent to each user was able to see that the funds received by the crypto currency exchange will Finance charity projects. Also this week, a Reddit user with the nickname expertguyfx reported that access to his wallet on Binance suspended for more than a month. He says that there were 1200 bitcoins.

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges OKEx announced the de-listing digital coin Bytecoin. In the press center of the platform notes that the decision for delisting was adopted after the discovery of vulnerabilities in network cryptocurrency project.

The oldest crypto-currency exchange Coinfloor UK decided to halve the personnel due to the unstable situation on the market. In the past several years, Coinfloor has not experienced financial difficulties, but now against the background of General negative dynamics of the stock market income trading platforms has fallen sharply.

Business platform Omniex and exchange Gemini, founded by the Winklevoss brothers, signed a partnership agreement on the establishment of infrastructure for institutional investors in the cryptocurrency. Gemini also announced the launch of litecoin trading.

India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Unocoin with 1.2 million users, launches its own cryptomate. In social networks began to appear pictures of her for operations with digital assets.

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif revealed details of how it will compensate customers for losses incurred as a result of a robbery, the platform last month.


According to the report Diar, remuneration and Commission for the overclockers bitcoin for the first three quarters of 2018 reached $4.7 billion, about $1.4 billion more than for the whole of 2017. However, gradually, this activity becomes profitable only for the big players, because electricity prices are rising. Evaluation Diar show that miners are paying retail rates in September for the first time became unprofitable.

Staff publications MyBroadband (South Africa) compared the profitability of several plants for mining and came to the expected conclusion that the payback periods of equipment has increased dramatically because the prices of basic cryptocurrency has dropped significantly.

Blake Schmidt of Bloomberg met with Ian Cosina, head of the mining company MicroBT and someone who is very interested in how to make Bitmain serious competition.


In an interview with technology publication DeepTech Director blockchain laboratory of the Chinese electronics standardization Institute (CESI) Lee Min said his organization is working on issue three of the standards for smart— contracts, protection of confidential information and deposits. The lab is supported by the Ministry of industry and information technology of China.

The mayor of Seoul, Park Wonsoon presented a five-year plan to invest $108 million into the South Korean capital as “smart blockchain of the city.” Speaking last week in Zurich, Pak Wonson said that his plan for the device blockchain— city in 2018 and 2022 will be involved 14 government services, and the budget allocated by the state, will be 123,3 billion Korean won.

The leadership of the Spanish port of Valencia plans to use blockchain technology to create a platform for managing the processes of shipping and receiving products. Blockchain— based platform will be used to manage logistics processes that will reduce the paperwork and costs of intermediaries.

The IBM Corporation and the Central Bank of Azerbaijan will work together to implement blockchain technology in the economy. The Director of the Department of information technologies of the Central Bank Farid Osmanov during Azerbaijani— German business forum in Baku spoke about the cooperation programme will last for five years. We are talking about “digital transformation” of the economy.


Russian authorities plan to control the blockchain— industry, in partnership with the Group of development of financial measures to combat money laundering (FATF). About it on air of TV channel “Russia 24” said Dmitry Peskov, who served as special representative of Russian President for digital development.

The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) is preparing to review its decisions on applications for a bitcoin ETF. The Agency continues to offer stakeholders and the public to post comments for and against new tools, which ultimately may affect the final verdict.

Actually banning bitcoin, the Indian authorities are considering the possibility of creating its own cryptocurrency. The expert group under the Ministry of Finance may soon recommend to the government launching national cryptocurrency “Lakshmi”.

Service of financial— budgetary supervision of Norway (Finanstilsynet/FSA) ordered the stock exchanges and exchangers to comply with new regulations within the law on combating money laundering if they offer Depositary services. The rules will come into force on 15 October, but companies have time till January 15 to bring the work into compliance with them.

During a seminar on the risks and benefits of the ICO, office of investigation of financial crimes (FCIS) Lithuania urged the authorities to toughen the legislation against crimes in cyberspace, including the cryptocurrency sector.

The South Korean authorities planiruyut soon to legalize ICO projects. Seoul is considering the options of legalization of the procedure, initial proposals of tokens until the end of November this year.

The authorities of the United Arab Emirates has announced its willingness to introduce the rules for running ICO projects. Now the location of the cryptocurrencies will be recognized as a form of attracting investment to Finance local companies. Also one of the largest Emirates of the UAE Dubai plans before the end of this year to release its own stablemen.

Stablon provided by yuan, may appear In China. About the need for such a digital asset, said the people’s Bank of China. Perhaps, in this regard, people’s Bank of China continues to open jobs for specialists in the blockchain and cryptography.

The European regulator of securities will be determined with norms for the ICO to the end of the year. President of the European Council on securities and markets (ESMA) Steven Major said that some tocancel are very similar financial instruments that are within the defined regulatory framework. However, the regulator has yet to determine how best to regulate the ICO, which do not apply such rules of law.

A subsidiary of the Swiss group Crypto Finance received from the local controller, the license granting the right to control the cryptocurrency. The company will manage your virtual assets according to the same scheme that is used for traditional.


According to a recent report of the American company CipherTrace over the last nine months the volume stolen from the cryptocurrency exchanges of the funds reached $927 million, up almost 250% increase 2017 ($266 million). Over the past three years South Korean police recorded seven hacks cryptocurrency exchanges. This is stated in the study of national police Agency of South Korea.

The regulator of the stock markets of France Autorite des marches Financiers said that the French regularly become victims of cryptocurrency fraudulent schemes. According to a report by the AMF since the beginning of this year no less than 700 of the country’s citizens lost a total of about 31 million euros (approximately $35 million). Not far behind France and neighboring Belgium. According to local authorities, losses from the Scam cryptocurrency projects will soon be no less than 100 million euros.

A Chinese court has sentenced engaged in mining man to imprisonment for stealing electricity. The judge sent a man named Xu Xing Hua in jail for 3.5 years. In addition, the miner has to pay a fine of 100,000 yuan ($14 500).

Cryptocurrency project SpankChain focused on the industry of adult entertainment, has suffered from unauthorised access, resulting in lost about $40,000 in ETH. However, the hacker who stole these funds, in the end returned them.

The suspect in the robbery of the crypto currency exchange BitMarket’s Evgenii Nikulin can find insane. Nikulina transferred from prison to a hospital where he will be six months. According to the lawyer, the judge took this decision because Nikulin, “did not obey the orders of the court.”

According to a study released by a group of cyber security experts, Unit 42, Palo Alto Networks, the malware that pretends to update Adobe Flash, secretly installs on the computer the miner XMRig. He produces a cryptocurrency Monero (XMR). The most popular browser miner XMR remains Coinhive, which is particularly active in Brazil.

At the conference, ETH San Francisco (positioning itself as the world’s largest forum of software developers of Ethereum) acne Buterin and technical Director of the company Coinbase Balaji Srinivasan answered questions from the audience. Author Crypto Globe Siamak, masnavi quoted the most interesting and relevant thoughts two luminaries in the world of cryptocurrency.
Online publication Quartz in his weekly newsletter Quartz Private Key has published a short interview with brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple.
CryptoGlobe network edition published an interview with billionaire Roger Ver, “bitcoin Jesus”, one of the first investors in the cryptocurrency, the Blockchain conference World Forum.
After last month litecoin was listed on SFOX, team members exchange in their own words, had the honor to interview the Creator of litecoin and Litecoin Foundation head Charlie Lee.
One of the most active popularizers of Monero, coordinator of the community of cryptocurrency and administrator Monero Community Workgroup Justin Edenhofer gave an exclusive interview to
Articles of the week
An abridged translation of an article Linda, Kinstler for Bloomberg Businessweek, in which she described life today, and the mood in the Ukrainian cryptosuite (or at least the lives and the thoughts of those figures of the industry with which she was able to meet).
Translation of the article Joe Vizentalja from Bloomberg, where he talks about investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency and marijuana as a “perfect bubbles”.
Jack Cossman, the founder of the site and passionate promoter of cryptocurrency, in his article for the Hacker Noon ponders where he is and where you should not use blockchain. In parallel, he debunks popular myths about this technology and about the cryptocurrency and ICO.
Garrett Jenkinson, a journalist from Durban, South Africa, shares his assessments of the state of the cryptocurrency market in South Africa and its prospects. He comes to the conclusion that local regulators are on the right track and can serve as an example for foreign colleagues.
Investor in blockchain projects mark Howard believes that the new platform Binance is unlikely to be leading DEX in 2019. As arguments, he cites the result of the analysis of several hundred such sites and main, in his opinion, the qualities of successful decentralized exchange.
Perhaps you have ever seen is the so-called bitcoin high yield investment programs — HYIP. Should we trust them? We offer to your attention translation of the article, Andrew Tank, a contributor of the online publication

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