Tryptomer for the week: Bitmain IPO, the projections of the bulls, a milestone for altcoins


Tryptomer for the week: Bitmain IPO, the projections of the bulls, a milestone for altcoins

At the end of the week we summarize what wrote these seven days, and collect everything that is relevant for fans of the cryptocurrency and decentralized technology. This week, Bitmain officially applied for the IPO, Whether predicted reversal of Ethereum to $1,900, and the number of active coins on the website CoinMarketCap exceeded 2000.


Investor and well-known supporter of digital currencies Mike Novogratz said that by the end of this year, the value of the largest coin will jump by 30%. According to him, it is likely to leap to $10 000, however, the Novogratz, admits, and a more modest growth rate of bitcoin to $8800.

According to Tom Lee, managing partner of Fundstrat Global Advisors, Ethereum to the end of the year waiting for a trend reversal and a rise to $1900. In a letter to customers Lee Fundstrat Global Advisors said “too negative” mood on the market Ethereum, which, according to him, will be the basis for a strong rebound in the near future.

In an interview with the Romanian financial publication, Business Review analyst and financial markets specialist Polish currency exchange Aforti Exchange S. A. Marek Paciorkowski said that the price of bitcoin could drop to $100 — threshold, which she did not come for five years and which will mean a decline of 99.5% compared to the historical high reached in December 2017.

Josh Constein, editor of TechCrunch, in an interview with CCN, said that as long as people will not be able to use the blockchain comfortable, the technology will not get mass distribution. According to Constine, it will take three to five years.


Until the end of 2019, the volume of trading virtual assets will increase by about 50%, according to a study by the Group. This cryptocurrency market will not stop and will continue to show growth. The study also noted that about 75% of all operations with digital assets now made the 20 largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

The American company Morgan Creek Capital Management, engaged in asset management, presented a new report on the state of the market in the second quarter of 2018. In it she said that cryptocurrencies will replace Fiat money. In the report Morgan Creek also States that the evolution of the price of bitcoin follows the pattern 2014. According to the authors of the document, in the next three years the price of the coin will reach $100 000.

The activity of the regulators has a significant impact on the price of the cryptocurrency market as a whole, according to a new study by the Bank for international settlements (BIS), the founders of which included 60 of the largest Central banks in the world.

Diar conducted the study found that contracts with companies providing services in the field of blockchain— intelligence official of the U.S. office this year has already spent $5.7 million the First place in expenses is the internal revenue Service (IRS), which spent $2 191 835 on nine contracts. Diar also published a list of the ten most disastrous ICO projects.

The world economic forum (WEF) in mid-September published a report with an optimistic view on the future of the world economy. If set out in this predictions are correct, the introduction of blockchain technology can have a huge impact on the development of the global trade industry in the next ten years, bringing to $1 trillion. in the global economy by 2028.

According to a report published Chainalysis, the cryptocurrency market has matured and reached a certain stability, as investors hold onto their assets. The experts came to the conclusion that scriptactive showed “extremely stable behavior” from may to August of this year. The price of bitcoin has remained stable for 22% of the observed period. The total amount of bitcoins held and intended for investments, was unchanged for 30% of this period.

In the past three months bitcoin decrease in cost, but at the end of September the main cryptocurrency stopped falling and fixed on the base positions. Assessment Coindesk, now the volatility index of bitcoin is the lowest level in 21 months.


The Board of Trustees engaged in elimination of cryptocurrencies on behalf of the bankrupt exchange Mt. Gox, sold another batch of bitcoins and Bitcoin tokens Cash by 25.98 billion yen ($230 million). On Tuesday, September 25, the asset Manager of the exchange, Nobuaki Kobayashi said that the cryptocurrency in this volume were sold after the meeting of creditors held on 7 March.

Circle Internet Financial launches its stablein USD Coin (USDC), provided in US dollars. A consortium called the Centre will act as a platform for deposits and piatogo exchange stablon. It is reported that USD Coin will be available on the exchange Poloniex, which belongs to the Circle, and on Huobi, OKCoin, Coinbase and KuCoin. According to the information in the blog Circle, more than 20 companies are going to support USDC.

A Swiss Corporation, Tiberius Group is preparing to release a cryptocurrency, which will be provided with colored and precious metals. The company plans to use to ensure your stablein copper, aluminum, gold, platinum, tin, Nickel and cobalt.

The website CoinMarketCap, a popular source of information about the state of cryptocurrency, 28 Sep passed another important milestone. Now his rating market capitalization includes data on more than 2000 active coins and tokens. Since the beginning of 2018 list site filled with 600 digital assets.


Coinbase published the mechanism of listing on its platform the new digital assets and integrated support of the British pound in all its services. In her statement to the press centre noted that the development of the listing rules of the coins was carried out according to the results of mass treatment of users. The website Cryptobriefing presented several altcoins that surely would like to have access to Coinbase, and analyzed the obstacles they will likely face.

Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex announced the upcoming beta launch of a new trading platform EOSfinex. The launch will take place in November this year and January next year the platform will start to service all the willing investors, according to the website of the project. The new decentralized platform will process transactions for the cryptocurrency trading using the technology EOSIO.

Zebpay, India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and multi-currency online wallet, announced that he stops work as a result of the ban by the local Central Bank. This step is a direct consequence of the policy of the Reserve Bank of India, which banned all regulated financial institutions, including banks, to serve the cryptocurrency industry. Another major Indian cryptocurrency exchange, Bitbns, took the initiative and invited customers Zebpay to join its platform in exchange for all payments for commissions cash withdrawal, which took the closed area.

The Wall Street Journal writes that 46 cryptocurrency exchanges were laundered $88.6 million, which is likely to be associated with criminal activity. In particular, the publication reported that about $9 million went through the exchange ShapeShift, led by Eric Voorhees. It is noteworthy that, although the international banks launder on a daily basis billions of dollars, critics still accused of such operation solely cryptocurrency exchanges.


The Chinese company Bitmain has officially submitted a request to participate in the initial public offering (IPO). Giant wants to place its shares on the Hong Kong stock exchange. On the background of this news the price of Bitcoin Cash began to grow rapidly. Why an IPO can bring Bitmain more problems than bonuses, read the article a managing editor of the site and the author of the Forbes Billy Bambro.

Press Secretary of the head of Chechnya, Alvi Karimov, said that on the territory of the Republic will launch a mining center for the extraction of virtual currencies. The plans of the Republican leadership to invite to Chechnya miners from Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan.

The startup team Braiins Systems has announced the launch of software that will solve many of the problems of the miners. In particular, for several years, the team Slush Pool struggling with misbehaving equipment for mining. This provokes difficulties in the pool and slows down the production of cryptocurrency.

Japanese IT company GMO presented its new software for cryptocurrency miners zcash for. In the press center of the Corporation said that the program Cryptknocker is designed for computational studies in the extraction of zcash for using Nvidia cards.

A recent analysis of bitcoin blocks showed that one of the earliest miners the last few years used the upward trend of the main cryptocurrency to gradually get rid of tens of thousands of coins.

Chinese Ebang Communication, the company introduced three new devices for bitcoin mining from the Ebit E— 11, which allegedly can develop, Herat in the range from 30 to 44 teruhisa per second.


Acne Buterin plans to increase the number of transactions in the network Ethereum 3200% (up to approximately 500 transactions per second) without the use of technology the second level, such as Plasma. In his publication on the Research forum Ethereum co-founder of the project noted that Ethereum can borrow innovations from the crypto currency with high anonymity zcash for bulk validation of transactions in its network.

The team of developers of the Opera browser introduced a desktop beta version of their product with an integrated wallet for storage of the ether. In addition, it can be used to interact with any decentralized applications.

Bitcoin users Cash received the opportunity not only to make transactions in the network of this cryptocurrency, but also to store information. This option has integrated the startup Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP).

The team of cryptocurrency Nano has announced via Twitter that the network upgrade project to version V16.1. It should be held in mid-October. The new software version will eliminate problems with the performance of the platform, which is now systematically faced by users of mobile devices based on iOS.


Australian researchers September 26 announced the successful trial run version of the blockchain of the new generation who is able to demonstrate the speed to 30 000 transactions per second. System running in the cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS), claims the first place in the world for speed among corporate blockchains.

The Ministry of Finance of the Emirate of Dubai jointly with the organization of the Smart Dubai Office (SDO) launched a system of payments based on blockchain technology. The new system was officially launched on September 23. It is designed to work of government agencies: police, road transport Department, Ministry of health etc.

Interbank blockchain project, led by JPMorgan and designed to accelerate the reconciliation process, attracted more than 70 banks and was the largest application of the technology of the distributed registry among regulated banks. Interbank information network was tested in October 2017 as a way to eliminate delays in conducting cross-border payments, and exclusion of risk factors associated with non-Bank competitors such as TransferWise network, through which monthly is about $4 billion.

Specialist openarena and blockchain Dutchman Ben Strick managed using innovative technology to find traces of the Finance cell to the Syrian jihadists, track kidnappers in South Africa and to enter the network of cryptocurrency scams. All the criminals were associated with one bitcoin address.

Arbitration on the Chinese city of Nanjing has launched an automatic system for making judicial decisions based on the blockchain that allows you to record and store data related to a legal dispute.


The Austrian government intends next week to issue state bonds worth 1.15 billion euros, using the Ethereum platform.

VanEck and SolidX remain calm, despite the postponement of the decision the SEC for a bitcoin ETF. In an interview with CoinDesk Director, strategy VanEck gábor Gurbax said that the delay had been expected and that the company is still determined to bring to market “liquidity, insured and regulated bitcoin ETF”. SolidX CEO Dan Gallancy also said that the recent decision “did not affect his views on making a proposal”.

Investors are reluctant to deal with the Belarusian “cryptocurrency hub”. In may, Belarus was included in the list of ten countries with the most friendly cryptocurrency law, but in six months there wasn’t made any real steps towards becoming something like Malta or Gibraltar, although originally in favor of the claim for the title of European and world hub of cryptocurrency.

Ukrainian national Bank stated that it continues to work on the creation of the state of digital currency and does not intend to abandon this idea. In parallel, the regulator is working on the launch of the blockchain network, which will be used for operations with digital currency.

Problems with the law

Law enforcement agencies of South Korea began investigation of bribery in exchange for the listing of cryptocurrencies S— Coin on the exchange Coinnest. The suspects turned out to be CEO exchange Kim IK— hwan and the Director of the exchange, Ku Th. Top managers received bribes totaling up to 1 billion won, or approximately $890 000.

Law enforcement agencies of New Zealand addressed to the investors with an appeal not to respond to the launch of cryptocurrency projects that offer suspiciously high returns. In the press center of the police Department said that a victim of fraudulent new project has become a local investor who lost 320 000 new Zealand dollars ($213 000). The Ministry clarified that the man, whose name has not been named, believed the announcement about the launch of high-yield cryptoprocta and invested their money.

Commission United States securities and exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTC) has sued international securities dealer 1Broker for violating Federal law by implementing a scheme of swaps with securities based on bitcoin.

According to the company Crowd Machine, 22 Sep hacker compromised her cryptocurrency wallet and stole a large number of tokens called Crowd Machine Compute Tokens (CMCT). According Etherscan, unknown stole more than 1 billion CMCT, most of which were then translated into exchange.

She has invested more than 1.7 million rubles in the purchase of fake bitcoins. The investigation is ongoing. No information about the detention of suspects were reported.

Other events

Team the long-awaited platform Bakkt has released an ad for the cryptocurrency and investment community, announced its first contracts for bitcoin futures on terms of physical calculations.

Swiss startup founded by former employees of UBS, raised approximately $104 million to create a “regulated cryptocurrency Bank” and traditional banking services. 27 Sep startup from Swiss “Cryptocoryne” called SEBA Crypto stated that he had received funds from local and foreign investors, including Black River Asset Management and Summer Capital.

Google is going to lift the ban on advertising of crypto-currencies, but only partially. The impending lifting of the ban for advertising of cryptocurrency exchanges. Ban on promotion of all of the above remains in force. Under the new rules cryptocurrency exchanges will be able to advertise their activities in Japan and the United States. The President of the Russian Association of kryptonyte and blockchain (RAKIB) Yuri Pripachkin supports the decision of the us giant about lifting the ban.

Social network ASKfm holds a new extreme the ICO. This time the participants will need to look for tokens in the highlands in Scotland. Giving the term “airdrop” the literal meaning of the Latvian social network with the help of the British company Skyrora that produces the technical means to launch satellites, was dropped by parachute cryptocurrency wallet Ledger Nano S. After landing, the members of the project team buried it in the ground in an unknown location. As ASKfm claims, the value of the coins in the purse is $100,000.

Published evidence that North Korea uses cryptocurrencies and digital assets to bypass international sanctions by the US and its allies.

Articles of the week
In his article, the expert Nick Carter attempted to reveal the main drivers of the cryptocurrency market. In particular, he focused on those incentives that make ranking sites like CoinMarketCap to include in their data fake trading volumes.
In the loop the Future of Money, the edition prepared by Quartz, the five experts describe their vision of financial systems. They concern such topics as the cash of the future cryptocurrency as a new value and advantage million different tokens before a single global currency. All parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
In the MIT Technology Review, Mike Orcutt cryptozoologist talks about how stabilini can encourage wider acceptance of the cryptocurrency payment applications while maintaining the declared value in the long term.
A team of journalists specialized in topics such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, financial technology and news kriptonyte, prepared for Hacker Noon list of trends, confirming that AI is the future of cryptocurrency trading.
Chris Kline, co-founder and managing Director that argues in favor of the growth rate of the bitcoin and cryptocurrency market in General.
Online edition Coinspeaker is considering five innovation scenarios for the use of blockchain technology.
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