Tryptomer for the week: Record Hasrat, portfolio Roger Faith, litecoin Charlie Lee


Tryptomer for the week: Record Hasrat, portfolio Roger Faith, litecoin Charlie Lee

At the end of the week we summarize what wrote these seven days, and collect everything that is relevant for fans of the cryptocurrency and decentralized technology. This week it became known about plans of the Russian government to develop a mechanism for controlling the movement of digital capital, and the Chicago Board options exchange is to launch futures on the air, Roger Ver told what crypto-currencies it holds in the investment portfolio, and Hasrat bitcoin has set a new record.

The main thing

The first days of September — it’s time to bring the end of August. The last month of summer brought growth in institutional interest and the gradual recovery of the market, as well as a number of scandals and fraudulent episodes.

Hasrat of bitcoin in the last days of summer set a new record growth — plus 35% in two days. The current figure is 62 trillion hashes per second.

The Russian authorities want to develop a mechanism for controlling the movement of digital capital. Control will the Federal financial monitoring service, which is responsible for preventing financial crimes in the country. This state Agency wants additional powers to monitor all transactions using digital currencies.

According to Business Insider, the Chicago Board options exchange (Cboe) plans before the end of this year to launch futures on air. In the service trades, the exchange will focus on market performance Gemini platform.

This week we received another important for Ethereum news team mining— pool whose work is financed by the company Bitmain launches the production of ether and Ethereum Classic. So a team of plans to help the Ethereum network to increase the scalability and improve the operation of the entire digital infrastructure. The head of the pool-Jung Chuang announced that the miners will get a reward for what they allocate their compute power in favor of the team


According to co-founder of the oldest Chinese cryptocurrency exchange BTCC Bobby Lee, by 2020, bitcoin will break $60 000. At the moment when bitcoin will show the rise, the market capitalization of this digital asset will jump to $1 trillion.

Chapter and popularizer Cash Bitcoin Roger Ver has opened up your investment portfolio. According to him, there are a certain number of ETH zcash for, ZCoin, Monero, Dash, and bitcoins.

The Creator of the cryptocurrency litecoin, Charlie Lee has no plans to buy back the coins that have previously sold. Lee said that now you can invest in buying bitcoins, which, in his opinion, will be a more reliable asset.

According to cryptocurrency investors and analysts Willie Woo, in 2018 bitcoin has entered a new era of development. This is due to the fact that digital infrastructure is now much more advanced than in 2014. four years ago a bitcoin was stagnating, now is the network of this cryptocurrency is constantly being improved, which increases the attractiveness of a digital asset in the global market.

Michael Moreau, head of investment banking of Genesis Capital, said that the next stop for bitcoin will be $10 000, while noting that the market growth of the coin will be slow and “relaxed”. Moreau admitted that the price will behave less aggressive-growth, in his opinion, may be small, 5— 10%.

Director of investments JPMorgan Lori bir said that in a few years, the blockchain “will replace the existing technology.” Bir explained that JPMorgan uses the blockchain to “simplify the process of payments and store customer information that allows them to verify”.

According to co-founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanian, bitcoin has great potential as a means of preserving the value, especially in countries where the process of the devaluation of Fiat money. Ohanian suggested that the collapse of the economies may contribute to global diffusion of such cryptocurrencies as bitcoin and Dash.

Randy Brito — the nonprofit organization Bitcoin Venezuela, which provides training and promotes the use of bitcoin crypto-currencies in Venezuela. He highly doubted that Petro, the Venezuelan government cryptocurrency will be used as an alternative monetary unit for payment of wages to workers of the state oil company PDVSA (this is stated by the government). By the way, cryptocurrency Dash on Tuesday, August 28, jumped in price by more than 20% due to increased demand from the Venezuelan traders. Also, these Coin Dance, which publishes the website BCFocus show that a pair of bitcoin/Bolivar to unprecedented trading volumes.

John McAfee believes that the current year has been beneficial for bitcoin in terms of its distribution and use. Bear market that is going through this currency, is just a temporary phase, indicating that a bull market may soon come to replace.


Bitcoin in 2018 bypassed PayPal cost transaction with a figure of $1.3 trillion. Bitcoins have all the chances to overtake Visa, given the cost of last year’s transactions of nearly $9 trillion. Unlike PayPal and bitcoin that are often used for p2p payments, Visa specializiruetsya on the processing of payments for consumer purchases.

The emission of 500 million tokens Tether are unable to influence the stock market. To such conclusion experts of the University of Texas.

Google Trends data shows that interest among investors to the price of bitcoin has decreased significantly. Judging by the aggregate data for the past five years, the frequency of search of bitcoin prices remained approximately at the same level from 2013 to mid-2017, however, in certain periods, there have been little spurts.

Economist Joost van der Burgt of the National Bank of the Netherlands compared the price movement of bitcoin with a number of search queries in Google for cryptocurrency and explained why the bitcoin bubble did not burst, but was just blown away.

According to a new study by the Group, the cost of bitcoin could reach $96 000 in the next five years. But the cryptocurrency, which, in varying degrees, centralised, will be of little value. For example, Ripple (XRP) will be reduced to $0.01.

Japanese software developer for cyber security, Trend Micro released a report that reported increase in covert mining of 956% since the beginning of 2017. In the first six months of 2018 took place more than 787 000 episodes of illegal mining, known as cryptogenic, while over the same period in 2017, it was revealed only 74 500 such cases.

From the beginning of 2017, many Asian funds are actively investing in cryptocurrency startups in the US in the early stages. Joyce young from TechCrunch says that the amount of these investments will only grow as cryptocurrency and blockchain strengthen its position in the U.S. market. In addition, the survey conducted by Deloitte, 40% of executives in high-tech companies expressed willingness to invest millions of dollars in the blockchain industry.

A survey published by the analytical company Harris Insights in early August, showed that approximately 8% of American adults have already invested in the cryptocurrency. The study was conducted jointly with cryptocurrency Gem in June 2018. It was attended by 2,000 people, and more than 40% of them said that they don’t have to invest in digital currency.

The popularity of bitcoin among students in the United States is growing, as evidenced by joint survey by Coinbase and the company Qriously. 18% of American students said they owned (or had) a bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, and this figure is two times higher than the rest of the population.


A member of the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) the company “Cryptographers” sent a letter to the Finance Ministry with a proposal to grant the status of self-employed miners. The letter stressed that, having received the status of self-employed, the miner will pay a tax of 3— 5% instead of current income tax of 13%. According to the company, this system will help legalize the whole mining sector, which is now, in fact, develops irregular.

The line of ASIC— miners from Bitmain has added an interesting item, although currently it is only available on the Chinese website of the company, and not in the English version. Antminer S9 Hydro is a miner with water cooling, presumably providing Hasrat 18 TH/s for bitcoin mining when consumed 1728 watts.

Slovenian service cloud of mining Nicehash has announced the return of affected users up to 60% of the stolen bitcoins. The platform has returned approximately 4,700 coins that were stolen in a hacker attack at the end of last year.

The AMD plan to the end of 2018 to introduce the first card of the new generation, which will differ higher performance. In 2019, will feature a new processor in the framework of the project ZEN 2, aimed at improving computing power products giant, noted in a company blog.

The specialists of the Korea development Bank (KDB) issued a report which shows that North Korea is engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies. Experts of the South Korean state Bank write that North Korea could “try mine bitcoins, in may— July last year, but without much success.” The DPRK, it seems, is interested in understanding the characteristics of cryptocurrencies, including “anonymity, the difficulty of tracking and the possibility of cashing out”.


The technology of the blockchain is older than commonly believed. Publishing of BTC Manager drew attention to perhaps the oldest in the world the blockchain, which worked very trivial way — by using a section of ads in the New York Times.

The Indian Central Bank has secretly formed a Department bloccano and AI, and the issuance of birth certificates in the country will translate into the blockchain.

In the Russian Pension Fund are planning to use a blockchain— based platform for posting information about the employment contracts between employees and employers.

On the continent earn “Australian national blockchain” (ANB) is a platform designed to help local companies to share data and confirm the authenticity and status of legal agreements via smart contracts.

Woolf University, the brainchild of Oxford researcher Joshua Broggi, claims the title of the world’s first University on the blockchain and is currently awaiting formal accreditation from the authorities of Malta. All administrative procedures will be automated and implemented using the technology of the distributed registry. The training will be conducted online and in the real world at any point of the planet and carry the individual character, and a distributed registry will ensure the safety and reliability of academic degrees (diplomas) students.

Malta information technology Agency (MITA) and the University of Malta announced the establishment of the Foundation for the study of blockchain technology in the amount of 300 000 Euro. Will be paid scholarships to promising students.

IBM has launched a high-performance platform for cross-border financial transactions on the basis of the blockchain Stellar. Network called World Wire to use almost any financial institution.

The authorities of the South Korean province of Gyeongsangbuk— Do (abbreviated name — Kinbuck) intend to develop their own cryptocurrency. Its launch will allow to replace the existing gift certificates that are used in the shopping outlets in the area Kinbuck.


28 economy and Finance Ministers of member countries of the European Union will hold an informal meeting in Vienna on the challenges faced by digital assets, and will discuss further enforcement actions. According to the draft plan of the program of the meeting, the participants will discuss the lack of transparency and the potential role of cryptocurrencies in tax evasion, terrorist financing and money laundering. The meeting will be held in the Austrian capital on 7 September.

Indian authorities continue to hint at the possibility of legalizing the cryptocurrency trading in the country. Earlier this week local media quoted a source in the Reserve Bank of India said the regulator has formed a special Commission that will study the potential of the blockchain and trading virtual currencies.

Iran’s government has finalized a bill to create a state of cryptocurrency. The President of the Republic Hassan Rouhani previously ordered as soon as possible to develop this document to use digital money to bypass the us sanctions.

National Association of Internet Finance of China (NIFA), established by the people’s Bank of China (PBoC) self-regulatory organization, said on its website the item “Selling tokens”. So now the public can inform the Supervisory authority about the new form of “illegal financial activity”.

The government of Canada has postponed adoption of the law on the blockchain— industry. Officials announced that the development of the document will be continued only at the end of next year. For the first time about necessity of regulation of relations in cryptosphere, including blockchain industry in Canada began in 2014. It was also stated that the regulators develop a set of measures to control cryptocurrency transactions.

Us regulators have been investigating the activities of the three ICO projects, which allow investors to invest in tokens. The investigation involved representatives of the Department of regulatory agencies of Colorado and the target group for the initial placement of cryptocurrency.

The second largest Bank in USA Bank of America sent a request to the Bureau of patents and trademarks to run their own systems for storing digital currencies. In the application entitled “Block encryption token” a mechanism for the storage of cryptocurrency, which includes a platform with a processor for storing data and encryption keys.

The Japanese national police will implement a system for tracking the flow of cryptocurrency transactions to facilitate investigation involving digital currency crimes.

Other events

Italian football club “Rimini”, the speaker in Series C, will be the first in the history of the team, purchased for the cryptocurrency. The club acquires the company Quantocoin the same tokens.

Private British auction house Bonhams, one of the oldest and largest auction houses, specializing in fine art, Antiques and luxury vintage cars, intends to accept payment in cryptocurrency. This year for the first time buyers will have the opportunity to purchase super-expensive Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley and other luxury cars with six-figure price tags for cryptocurrencies.

Famous comedian bill Cosby have invested their savings in bitcoins to hide them from creditors and his wife. This was reported by the website Radar Online, noting that 81— year-old Cosby was previously found guilty on three counts in the rape case.

It became known that the owner of the wallet Silk Road in the last days was engaged in the transfer of funds. He used the mechanism podkachala, dividing the sum into groups of 100 coins. Originally, this wallet was bitcoin and Bitcoin for Cash of $844 million (without taking into account other forks of bitcoin).

Information portal for cryptocurrency investors ICO Bazaar plans to soon launch a platform for job search in cryptosphere. The launch of the service planned for the end of August.

Dogecoin 31 August rose by 25% to $0,003. The market capitalization of a digital asset has grown to $429,9 million, and the volume of daily trading reached $42,37 million for Thursday and Friday Dogecoin has risen more than 50%. Experts attribute the current growth rate of the coin with the impending launch Dogethereum — the so-called the blockchain— bridge between the two assets, which is intended to improve network scalability of Ethereum.

Yahoo Finance has added to its platform trading bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) and litecoin (LTC). Although the platform is available for other digital currencies such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC) or EOS until options buying and selling no.

Platform for online payments, BitPay announced the launch of operations of mutual settlements between sellers in a Bitcoin Cash.

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