Twitter exposes Russian and Iranian “Troll factory”


Social network Twitter has published more than 10 million posts and data 3840 accounts allegedly related to the activities of Russian and Iranian intelligence agencies for the dissemination of political propaganda in the US and the UK.

Twitter for the first time in the history of the service posted in the open access archive of 10 million media records, is hosted from the pages of social network users, most of whom, presumably, connected with the Russian Agency Internet research (“trolls”), which, according to the American authorities actively intervened in the presidential elections in the United States.

9 million records published in the period from 20113 by 2017, were placed four thousand accounts in St. Petersburg “Troll factory”. The remaining 1 million posts, according to Twitter created by users from Iran.

“We publish information about all user accounts and their associated materials potentially relevant to an information manipulation recorded on our service,” according to Twitter.

In the comments to the posts is compromised and the authors stated that publication of the records dictated by “strict transparency and aims to improve understanding of foreign influence on policy.”

Twitter also noted that the publication of this investigation, part of the obligations, which took over Twitter in cooperation with the United States Congress. The head of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has been called by the U.S. Congress for questioning “in connection with the opacity of the Twitter.” Senators interested in how Twitter monitors and checks published on the social network information.

“It is clear that information operations and coordinated false the behavior will not stop, — the company noted. Such tactics exist for much longer than Twitter has existed — they will adapt and change with the development of the geopolitical landscape around the world and the emergence of new technologies. For its part, we seek to understand how unscrupulous people use our services. We will continue to actively oppose the heinous attempts to undermine the integrity of Twitter, and to cooperate with civil society, governments, our colleagues in the industry and researchers to improve our collective understanding of coordinated attempts to interfere in public debate. Our team aims to respect the integrity of the site, in partnership with the various groups of companies and personnel employed in the company continues to actively invest in this area. We continually strive to improve our own ability to detect, understand and neutralize these campaigns as fast and reliable as technically possible.”

Recall that in mid-February, spectacular USA Robert Mueller filed charges against 13 citizens of the Russian Federation and three Russian organizations of meddling in the American political process and election of the presidential race of 2016. The group of Russian military intelligence officers were charged with hacking into the computer networks and accounts e-mail belonging to the Democratic party of the United States, including accounts of the presidential campaign, democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The Russian military is also accused of conspiracy, with the purpose of money laundering. According to the indictment, the defendants “conspired, with the aim of laundering the equivalent of $95 000 through transactions aimed at profit, using anonymous crypto-currencies such as bitcoin.

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