Two of the American state has suspended a number of “contrary to law” ICO


Colorado and North Dakota almost simultaneously issued legal documents prohibiting a number of tomenselo, in violation of the securities Act.

Regulators of Colorado, had signed on 12 October two order banning the activities of the two ICO projects, offering for sale unregistered securities in the form of digital tokens.

A ban Colorado projects were Davor offering token Davorcoin, and Cyber Capital Invest, which produces a token CCI.

According to the regulator’s decision, the ICO data is not registered in the state of Colorado, but serves purchasing illegal security-tokens the citizens of the state without disclosing the associated risks.

Web site Davorcoin describes the token as a new cryptocurrency, which is an alternative to bitcoin and ether.

The Department of securities state of Colorado explained:

“Investors were promised a return of investment up to 10% per month. Also, the project Davor argues that the cost of the token is tied to the price of gold, and the token is traded on public exchanges.”

The website is the Cyber Capital Invest States that the CCI token is “token share of the profits”, which allows investors to receive a guaranteed daily return of the investment in the amount of 0.75% — 2%.

The securities Department North Dakota also issued on 11 October the ban on three of the ICO companies in the state. The Department explained that these companies are promoting unregistered tokens that are potentially fraudulent: Crystal Token Advertiza Holdings (Pty) Ltd. and Life Cross Coin.

We will remind, recently the former Chairman of the Commission on commodity futures trading USA Gary Gensler said that most of the tokens are disseminated on the ICO should be classified as securities.

It should be noted that the results of the market analysis ICO conducted by Diar, the course 70% of the token-ICO fell below their prices during the token sale.

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