UleyPool miners can get coins Callisto and earn cold stacking


The developers of blockchain Callisto announced the addition within several weeks function of cold stacking. This will enable the pool participants to earn by keeping money in the account. About this magazine ForkLog founder of mining pool Uleypool.com Andrey Kurchenko.

This option was provided to stimulate the participants to create savings.

“Cold stacking allows you to maintain a balance between the miners and members of the network. That is, you can make money not only by mining or the difference in rates, but also on the storage of the crypts. Income there are as a percentage of the amount in purse”, — said Kurchenko.

Production of coins in the pool using program Claymore’Ethereum’s Dual GPU Miner. At the same time to profit from the cold stacking, not necessarily mine Callisto or open nodes. It is enough to store cryptocurrency in your wallet.

Callisto is an experimental cryptocurrency Ethereum team from Classic. For it has developed its own blockchain, which tested new solutions for scaling the network. In addition, the new blockchain are tested solutions that will help significantly increase network security ETC, which is especially important in light of the periodic security breaches.

Recall that in March ForkLog published detailed material on Callisto, which is understood will the coin rocket boosters for Ethereum Classic.

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