Unknown smashed office Chinese crypto exchange OKEx


On Tuesday, the office of the Chinese company OKCoin, operator crypto-exchange OKEx, was attacked by a group of people who broke furniture and threatened the employees of the company. A week before the incident at the building OKCoin also held a protest, whose participants demanded from the company to recover its investment in the coin WFEE, remote with crypto-exchange OKEx after a sharp fall in prices. Earlier, the police interviewed the founder of OKCoin and OKEx on suspicion of fraud token WFEE.

The administration of the Chinese company OKCoin stated that on 23 October some tens of unknown people broke into the office of the company in Beijing, has caused damage to the interior, and threatened the staff, and even “flushed them down the stairs”. However, serious injuries were avoided.

“About 2 o’clock in the afternoon, 23 October, more than a dozen unidentified men broke into the office OKCoin in Beijing and made a series of violent acts. They humiliated and insulted our staff, and smashed office equipment and furniture. Our company has filed a statement to the police. We cooperate with the police to investigate this vicious incident,” reads the official statement of the exchange.

OKCoin accused of a Zhang Mucin that he paid for the protest, held at the office 11 Oct. In a message on the occasion of this incident, OKCoin said that “since inception, the company strictly followed the laws of China and was committed to the study and development of blockchain technology”.

In June, the price of the token WFEECoin on the stock exchange OKEx rose sharply, but then fell sharply and then continued a slow decline. In August OKEx held a delisting coins. Presumably, some of the investors in the project are now protesting against this decision. However, the protesters are unable to prove to representatives of OKCoin what are users OKEx.

We will remind, in September the Chinese police temporarily detained the founder of OKCOin and Xu OKEx old for questioning due to suspicion of fraud in the token WFEE. In addition, China national radio also accused OKEx in the illicit trade of cryptocurrency futures.

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