Unknown staged a pogrom at the Beijing office OKCoin


Representatives of the popular Chinese cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin announced that more than ten unknown people broke into the company’s office in Beijing and began to smash furniture, to threaten staff and some staff even pushed down the stairs. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries.

“On October 23 at about 14:00 more than a dozen people rushed into the Beijing office OKCoin. They broke down the door, beat on the Elevator, attacked the staff and insulted them, broke all of the available items in the office and threatened the staff. Personal safety of employees was under threat and we immediately reported the incident to the police, which at the moment is interviewing the staff to determine the details of the attack. We cooperate with law enforcement authorities in the investigation of this outrageous incident,” – commented the representatives of the company.

In the subsequent more detailed application guide OKCoin reported that the attack was linked to protests on the part of “human rights defenders” who paid a man named Zhang Moksin (Zhang Mouqing).

As evidence of the representatives of OKCoin provided a picture, which clearly shows that near the company’s office gathered several people who, as stated, flatly refused to introduce themselves and confirm that they are users of the exchange.

Exchange OKCoin has been China’s largest platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies before authorities imposed a ban on conducting this type of activity in the country. The company followed the ban, continuing work in the legal field in the area of technology of the blockchain.

“From the beginning, we adhere to the country’s existing laws. Now the company is engaged in research and development in the field of technology of the blockchain”, – said the representatives of OKCoin.

Over time, an international platform OKCoin has become increasingly influential, due to what began to appear some “advocates” who have complained to the firm.

“Man named Lee Moudon (Li Moudong) and the previously mentioned Moksin a few times already came into the company after he lost money in foreign trading platform”, – said the representatives of OKCoin. “After the platform froze the account and seized the funds, the user does not agree with this decision and asked to proceed with the deal”.

Apparently, we are talking about WFEECoin – token project WeShare Wi-Fi. Investors suggest that the founder of OKCoin star Xu (Xu Star) has to do with him.

Earlier, in September, some investors tracked the constitutional court with the aim to Express their dissatisfaction. As a result, the police took KSU and investors to the police station for further investigation, however, it should be noted that no physical violence was not applied.

Then it became known that the investor WFEE is a venture Capital company OK the Blockchain (OKBC). As later reported OKBC, the information that the CCU is a shareholder of WFEE “not true” and that he “has no stake in the project WFEE and his company.”

Previously, the token WFEE were listed on the trading platform OKCoin. In June its rate greatly increased, and then as rapidly fell, and in August, the leadership announced that it will exclude WFEE from your exchange list. In this regard, many investors who bought the coin until mid-July and held until August, could lose a significant portion of the money.

“Investors have information about possible extreme volatility of digital assets as they are innovative investment products,” said OKCoin. “We believe that ordinary users should not participate in any high-risk investment activities, trade-related digital assets.”

Apparently, this prompted some investors to organize a demonstration of protests with the aim to claim damages. However, this is the first time in the cryptocurrency industry, when someone breaks into the office. Typically, these disputes are resolved through the courts, however, because OKEx is an international platform and is not on the territory of China, investors apparently decided to rely on public pressure.

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