Update zcash for Sapling will make anonymous transactions faster and easier


Update zcash for Sapling will make anonymous transactions faster and easier

The main distinguishing feature of zcash for shielded transaction using zk-snarks, are computational heavy, to such an extent that most of the users, and exchanges are unable to hold them.

As you know, to solve this problem, the developers zcash for planning hardwork Sapling, which aims to significantly improve the usability of the Protocol zcash for. A large-scale upgrade is scheduled to launch on October 29.

It is assumed that due to the activation of the Protocol Sapling exchanges and wallets will be more willing to support a secure transaction.

Technical Director zcash for Nathan Wilcox (Nathan Wilcox) in conversation with CoinDesk said that the Protocol will allow the Sapling to make a shielded transaction, spending 100 times less memory and approximately 6 times faster.

Currently shielded transaction can commit only those users who run a full node.

Zcash for the team also hopes that with hard forks will be able to permanently remove the transparent transaction that may violate the anonymity of the zcash for the simultaneous use with shielded transaction.

The end result of the updates will be the transition to the “default privacy”, said Wilcox.

Recall that in June, the team reported zcash for the successful conduct of its first hard forks Overwinter. This hardwork was designed to strengthen the Protocol zcash for to future updates of the network and to prepare the basis for updating the Sapling.

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