Vice President of Facebook’s leaving Coinbase


Vice President of Facebook’s leaving Coinbase

David Marcus is leaving the Board of Directors of the crypto currency exchange Coinbase and is planning to develop blockchain-the strategy of social network Facebook.

Marcus holds the position of Vice-President of Facebook in 2014, joined the Board of Directors of the exchange Coinbase in December 2017. Then the General Director of the exchange Brian Armstrong said that the former President of PayPal to use Coinbase its experience in the payments and mobile sector and will help the company realize its mission.

Five months later, it became known that Marcus will lead Facebook’s new group studying the blockchain. Currently, the company has not announced any details concerning this work, however, the team Marcus, there are already a dozen people.

Marcus has repeatedly said that Facebook can use bloccano, for example, to send cryptopedia using the Messenger app.

I was glad to work with Brian and the whole team heads Coinbase. Their talent and skill work during my stay in the team impressed me. I wish the company success and achieve your goal.

One of the representatives Coinbase announced that Marcus decided to leave his post to avoid conflict of interest. However, no other details of the company representative did not disclose.

The departure of Markus was a month after Facebook removed the Coinbase from the list of cryptomery, advertising which is prohibited on the social network. Last month, Armstrong announced that the platform will again be advertising, and Facebook itself announced the upgrade policy to allow advertising of digital currencies.

According to representatives of Coinbase, at this point they did not take any action to find a replacement for Marcus.

Being a valuable mentor and source of good ideas, Marcus has been a wonderful addition to the Board of Directors of Coinbase. He remained a close friend of the company, and we thank him for his help in the creation of an open financial system for the world.

said Armstrong

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