Vietnam has completely banned the importation of equipment for mining


Vietnam took several months of reflection in order to finally ban the importation of imported equipment for the mining of cryptocurrencies, according to CCN.

The Ministry of Finance of Vietnam has proposed to ban the import of mining equipment for all companies and citizens in early June, after the authorities tightened control over the cryptocurrency sector due to fraudulent ICO. Then, as a result of the actions of criminals, about 32,000 people lost 660 million dollars.

As a result, the Ministry of Finance has demanded from the public authorities of strict control measures on imported equipment for the mining of cryptocurrencies, followed by a proposal on a total ban on importation. In July, the State reserve together with the Central Bank and the Finance Ministry supported the ban.

As claimed by the Vietnamese custom, for 2017, the country imported about 9300 devices for mining. Only for the first half of 2018 brought 3664 devices, and 3000 of them have 4 large companies. Other equipment owned by private investors and companies that have not provided your tax code. It is also alleged that most of the equipment was miners, Bitmain Antminer company.

It is worth noting that in Vietnam cryptocurrencies may not be used for payment of goods or services. They are not even non-monetary means of payment such as checks, money orders or Bank cards. For the use of cryptocurrencies as payment relies fine of up to $9000.

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