VISA sees in the crypt of the threat and does not exclude work with her in the future


VISA sees in the crypt of the threat and does not exclude work with her in the future

For that bitcoin and other coins it is necessary most a little — only to become a popular means of payment.

Currently, cryptocurrencies and payments with their use cannot be considered as competitors such systems as VISA. This broadcast of CNBC Mad Money said CEO al Kelly.

“Definitely are not [competitors], neither in the short nor in the short term, — he noted, answering a question of the presenter. — The market must first believe that cryptocurrency from the status of commodity turns into a payment tool.”

In General, according to Kelly, the VISA will be interested in cryptocurrency if it will become “something of a Fiat currency”, which obviously means the popularity or usability.

If this happens, the company just can’t stay away, but the cryptocurrency still more exchange-traded product, anyway, so she looks in the eyes of the CEO of VISA. “If we feel that needs to be there, we’ll be there, but here and now it is rather a commodity than a means of payment”, — he added.

Note that in comparison with those epithets which showers the cryptocurrency colleague Kelly from Mastercard, the commodity is almost a compliment. In July, Mastercard CEO Banga Ajaypal called cryptocurrency “the garbage, not worthy of payment”, and compared them with a venomous snake.

And in mid-October it became known that the two giants are planning to introduce new restrictions in respect of transactions associated with cryptocurrencies, ICO, Forex trading and binary options.

Both the largest player in the payment card market in the early years doubled the rates of commissions for clients, calculated for the purchase of cryptocurrencies, virtually equating this operation to the withdrawal.

In this case, and Mastercard and VISA with no particular bias relate to the technology underlying the cryptocurrency, and are actively studying the blockchain and its possibilities,

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