Visual recorder will help judges to be more fair than that at football matches


Visual recorder will help judges to be more fair than that at football matches

The decision of the Spanish national Team on football to watch the video, assistant referee in all competitive matches in the new season have shown interest in its application from representatives of the jury, after passing the long test in the Super Cup of Spain.

It’s the team of Seville, are one of the first to feel the benefits of new technologies, getting the lead after the original offside position, facing the player Pablo of Sarabia, was cancelled. Previously, the referee suggested that the striker was in an offside position before the attack was carried Lucas Muriel through a pass after a quick counter-attack. However, a review of the incident via live-helper (VAR) revealed that 26-year-old forward really was in the side, prompting the referee to cancel the original verdict.

The jury used the video-assistant referee just a minute before the end of the first half, and eventually got an unexpected result. Blaugrana implemented comparing accounts from Gerard Pique, who threw a ball to rebound from Lionel Messi, his position was in the side, despite the fact that the players Sevilla claimed that it was different.

Recall that VAR is a system of monitoring and fixing what is happening through the video, with the possibility of making the analysis on the basis of the obtained data. In professional sports excluded the possibility of formation of bad decisions of the jury and the teams get the opportunity to see proof of the correctness of the arbitrators.

In other news of sports: a football team from Gibraltar will receive a salary in bitcoin.

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