VKontakte there is a new fraud scheme with cryptocurrencies


In the social network Vkontakte is gaining popularity fraudulent scheme involving cryptocurrency. This was announced by clear channel.

Criminals blackmail victims based on the increasing cases of criminal prosecution on suspicion of extremism because of the reposts and the stored images. Having found a victim with a record on the wall, which can be regarded as an extremist, a criminal has threatened to report it to law enforcement. To avoid this, the victim needs to pay $150.

Lawyer Victoria Zhdanov told about one of such cases.

“She’s in a social network “Vkontakte” received a message from an unknown female profile. Where the question was asked: “hi, are you from St. Petersburg?” and then went to a story about “how seriously law enforcement agencies currently pay attention to the content of the posts on the walls of users of the social network “Vkontakte”. In this regard, because such careful tracking goes, for $150 in bitcoins I am willing to forget the content of this post. Also provides a link to the post.”

At the moment it is not known how many people were victims of such schemes. It should be noted that prosecutions for the materials in the Facebook profile is really frequent, so that the scheme can be a lot of potential victims.

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