Volvo will be unmanned, modular interior


Volvo will be unmanned, modular interior

Volvo believes that the pursuit of efficiency, automakers began to care less about people travelling in them. Therefore, in our conceptual model of the unmanned electric car 360s decided to provide the most comfortable conditions for travelers, adding a modular interior with a sleeping place.

Volvo develops four options for the use of the car of the future. It can serve as a mobile bedroom, becoming an alternative to air travel or a more efficient use of travel time, providing an opportunity for communication and mobile office. The salon can also be a living room or entertainment space. It will make 360s flexible and very functional.

The automaker is planning to make a trip comfortable, even far beyond the city. This will be possible thanks to a fully Autonomous movement, the rejection of the steering wheel and the internal combustion engine. All necessary information will be projected in the Windows. It is planned that the housing upper part consists entirely of glass coating.

Recently, Mercedes announced the start of serial production of electric vehicles from the first half of 2019.

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