Vulnerability of illegal transactions remains the conversion of crypts in Fiat


Vulnerability of illegal transactions remains the conversion of crypts in Fiat

Immigration and customs police of the USA, in contrast to the crypto community, insufficient penetration of the cryptocurrency in everyday life is not too sad.

Cryptocurrencies allow criminals a relatively easy to make payments anywhere, but the time of conversion of crypts in Fiat money (or Vice versa) inevitably ensues. It remains one of the most vulnerable aspects of transactions associated with the financing of criminal activities, the report of the Deputy head of Immigration and customs police USA Matthew Allen.

It was in the time of the conversion of criminals and their operations are the easiest to identify, said Allen, adding that U.S. law enforcement authorities have achieved some success.

The optimal combination of action, he said, is to use the traditional methods of investigation such as surveillance, work of undercover agents, and obtain information from informants, coupled with new methods dictated by the challenges of time. It is, first and foremost, the analysis of financial transactions and transactions in the blockchain.

Thanks to this combined approach of Immigration and customs enforcement, the US has managed to arrest criminals and to defuse international criminal group, as well as persons assisting them in laundering money obtained by criminal means.

We will remind that in August the employee of Management on struggle against drugs of the USA Lilita Infante said that American law enforcement, there are certain practices to effectively track and transactions using an anonymous cryptocurrency.

The majority of transactions of interest to the DEA, carried out using bitcoin, but even if criminals are trying to confuse the issue using Monero or zcash for, track those, too. “We have ways”, — said the representative of Management.

Infante argues that criminals are often themselves victims of stereotypes about the anonymity of transactions in the blockchain, which are allegedly impossible to trace.

In both cases we are talking about conventional crime, primarily on transactions related to the supply of drugs, etc. as for the terrorists, then they have by cryptocurrency isn’t.

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