Walmart urged suppliers to implement blockchain technology in supply chain management


Walmart has notified producers of leafy greens on the need of integrating blockchain technology in the control system of the flow of information about the product. The company plans to transfer the tracking process and delivery of the leafy greens on the blockchain in the course of the year.

In a press release published on Monday, the retailer, managing the world’s largest network of wholesale and retail trade Walmart has announced that it has urged its suppliers of leafy greens to integrate blockchain-based system for tracking product, developed in collaboration with IBM, until September 2019.

According to the letter sent to the suppliers, any supplier of green, working with Walmart, should start using the IBM network Food Trust for the organization through a two-stage traceability. This blockchain platform that will allow you to set the origin of the product. It is noted that under the current system of control over the supply chain such tracking is “almost impossible task”.

This decision by Walmart taken in consequence of the outbreak of intestinal infection that originated in Arizona in the beginning of this year. Although the Center for disease control has warned consumers to avoid buying lettuce grown near the town of Yuma, Arizona, Vice-President of the Walmart for food safety Frank Jennas noted that for customers, it was quite difficult to establish where the products were grown.

“None of packages of lettuce not been told where the product is manufactured. In the future, using the technology of the blockchain that we ask to use, the customer can scan the barcode of a product and to identify exactly from where he brought”.

In the first phase of the deployment project to direct suppliers will need to create a “single-stage system of reverse traceability” until the end of January 2018. All the other companies that act as intermediaries, will need to integrate the network until September 2019.

“To help providers to comply with the new requirement Walmart, we work closely with IBM and other companies from the food industry on the creation of end consumer and low-cost solutions for tracking on the basis of the blockchain”, the company said.

We will remind, in July the network of wholesale and retail trade Walmart has filed a patent application for blockchain technology for the tracking and storage of mail.

It is also worth noting that Walmart started selling bitcoin candy. At the beginning of September on the shelves of Walmart in Arkansas was seen bitcoin chocolate in a gold wrapper, is similar with sweet coins on St. Patrick’s day.

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