Warren Buffett invests in blockchain




Holding of Warren Buffett began to invest in blockchain startups

Headed an irreconcilable critic of bitcoin Warren Buffett, the holding company for the first time invested in FINTECH and blockchain startups, reports The Wall Street Journal.
Before the famous conglomerate bought mainly “blue chip” American companies. However, according to the publication, over the last few months, about $600 million received two focusing on emerging markets FINTECH-companies — Brazilian payment service and blockchain startups from India.
He led the investment rounds of portfolio investors holding company, Todd Combs and Ted Wechsler. According to Professor School of business Robert Smith David cash, ignore the pace of development Finance is already impossible, and Combs and Wechsler “enhance the prospects and opportunities for investors”
Earlier, Warren Buffett called bitcoin “rat poison in the box”, and also stated that the cryptocurrency is not an investment.

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