We are all mad here, or the Blockchain in Wonderland cybersecurity


We are all mad here, or the Blockchain in Wonderland cybersecurity

Andrew Rossouw — American lawyer, adjunct law Professor, consultant of public relations of TV channels like ABC, FOX and NBC, author of publications about the blockchain and cryptocurrency. In an article published by Forbes, Rossouw describes the potential applications of the blockchain in the field of cybersecurity. We offer you an abridged translation.

The world of cybersecurity — a sort of modern Wonderland of Alice.

Because it has a huge array of data can be almost anything. A large amount of information implies a high risk, the source of which is extreme vulnerability.

Industry resists adaptation to the realities of the modern digital era, and it paved the way for those with knowledge in the field of computer networks uses and steals from others for financial or personal gain. Unlike the Mad Hatter from the classic works of Lewis Carroll, these villains are known as “black hat” — black hatters. And, I can assure you, they almost definitely… crazy.

We recently witnessed the ninth wave of shocking revelations about massive data breaches (Equifax and Facebook). In my opinion, the effect of these events was not understood fully until (1) mark Zuckerberg did not speak to congressmen on Capitol hill and (2) the EU regulation for personal data protection (GDPR) has not entered into force in may.

In security we still have a lot to learn, because the protection is never enough. Why? After each patch there is a new attacker seeking to find a vulnerability. The same is true for digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies, and of course the blockchain technology.

The rapid development of technology has many benefits and many evils. For example, the market of digital assets growing at an insane rate, produces an explosion of new forms of cyber attacks aimed at digital assets and investments.

Although bitcoin was founded in 2009, the concept of cryptocurrency is not yet out of diapers. The volatility associated with these currencies, remains unpredictable large as the uncertainty in the issue of regulation. Only during the recent hearings in the U.S. Congress, legislators finally listened to the statements of the members of the Committee on agriculture and the Committee on financial services about the future of digital assets in the economic and financial sectors.

Understanding the fundamental problems of cybersecurity can help in the application of new technology of the blockchain and cryptocurrency in relevant industries. Or we will continue to go crazy. But, according to the famous statement of the Cheshire Cat, “we’re all mad here”.

An overabundance of solutions to cyber security

In my opinion, the blockchain can help to get rid of the “extra” products that are associated with cyber security. I would not classify all of these products to the category of effective solutions. This position is due to concern for the welfare of the industry as a whole and the desire to protect the wallet of the consumers. Why I believe that not all products deserve the title decisions? Because quantity does not always turns into quality.

The need to improve our “tiberghien” led to to market a huge number of products. For example, how many you see advertisements urging you to invest in a new antivirus FOR your McAfee, Norton, AVG, or Kaspersky Lab””? And how often we are aggressively persuaded to establish a VPN to hide your IP address while you surf the web and thus protect your computer? And how many anti-virus software lying around on the shelves of supermarkets or small shops — and as created well-known large companies and small developers “on the knee”?

And how do you choose a suitable product? In a difficult situation are not only developers and companies competing with each other and trying to survive in this field, but also to consumers, which is difficult to understand what exactly they need. Why? Because it is difficult to adequately assess the existing problems and to understand which of the products will be able to solve them.

Same situation as with antivirus software, has developed in the sector of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology: it is necessary to improve the quality of the products and to get rid of garbage. There are hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. They perform only two functions — clutter the space and bring down consumer and investor confused. Paradoxically, to rectify the situation is still the same blockchain.

Our “tiberghien” ineffective and needs improvement

The blockchain could become a kind of “digital MOP” and help us in getting rid of bad habits neglect security measures. Speaking of “tiberghien”, we mean the activity to identify threats and deal with them. In addition, we need to take care of preventive measures against abuse in the network. It is essential to have at least a basic understanding of what we may face and in this case to do.

If we perform the vast majority of data breaches over the past few years, it turns out that almost all of them caused by failure to identify the threat at its early signs, and of course, a lack of education and training. Also there is laziness, which manifests itself in disregard for the monitoring, updating the operating system, the reluctance to modernize the device and the tendency to close their eyes to obvious warning signs.

Achieving clarity on the issue of data protection

Every time, considering the newest product in the area of security, I do their “homework”. As in the case of a new blockchain technology, I examine and compare products. I read the reviews and meet potential object of investment. However, many consumers are not peculiar to this approach to security. Investing in blockchain technology, is also important to take the time to figure out where it came from and whether or not it’s the best fit for the stated usage scenario.

One of the main difficulties in the choice of product cybersecurity is that many consumers are unable to evaluate its effectiveness. Their knowledge about how the product works is limited, so their investments are not effective enough.

The only way to form an adequate idea of the possibilities is to do “homework” and conduct the test. Surveys can lie, but personal inspection is no. Now, when new companies come into the sphere of the blockchain or cryptocurrencies, we see that many of them are engaged in real business. Why? Because they have no experience of business. However, people want to believe that, once the company has attractive white paper or video, it is able to change the world. It is naive.

I spoke with many influential people from the world of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Including financial pioneer head LDJ Capital David Drake, and founder of CNET Halsey minor. I questioned them about effective investment strategies. Even the most respected investors such as CEO of the Herjavec Group Robert Herjavec and Shark Tank investor mark Cuban commented on this issue and all agreed on one thing: you need to do your research and don’t buy on hype. Invest in the facts and history of the people supporting the project. If they do not trust the potential product, why should anyone trust?

No matter whether you analyze the products or projects of the international level — professional experience of their creators always matters. There is no perfect solution, even if we are talking about recognized brands such as McAfee, Norton or AVG. But fame is the voice in their favor. I doubt that I want to use a solution from an international company to protect the personal cybersecurity or the protection of the business, but once faced with a manufacturer that has caused me great interest. The support that it enjoys, and twenty-year work history in the field of cybersecurity has forced me to pay attention to his products and to follow its development.

The company Cloudbric that emerged as the internal project lead the South Korean vendor in the protection of cyber security Penta Security Systems, working in this field for over 20 years. She has released many products that received awards. The company mainly operates in the Asia— Pacific region.

Under the recently announced ICO Cloudbric intends to solve various problems of the market by developing easy to manage distributed security platform based on artificial intelligence.

Combining network security enterprise-level protection of digital assets, the Internet of things, reasonable protection against malware and phishing, as well as knowledge of data mining and cryptocurrency mining, we will be able to meet the challenges of a new era of digital security.

Two sides of one mirror

Ultimately, we must look at cyber security under a completely new angle, because threats are evolving at high speed. On the other side of our “mirrors” will be the blockchain and the numerous benefits that it can bring.

The number of solution providers of cyber security is constantly growing, as the increasing volume of data (e.g., IP addresses, attackers, IDs, malware, etc.). In such circumstances it is necessary large-scale implementation of the solution, which will help to create analytical reports, regardless of the true owners of such data.

Now, users who agree to the terms and conditions, setting FOR, donate this data and ultimately left with nothing: they are themselves unable to see them. The blockchain technology removes the veil that covers consumer’s right to access his own information.

The inclusion of blockchain technology to the equation will allow us to create solutions that give users the ability to play a more significant role in the development and improvement of the systems of cybersecurity. Maybe we’re not so crazy as it seems “black hats”.

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