Weiss Ratings: Ripple can attract everyone’s attention in 2018




For the last time to celebrate the many successful projects that has launched the XRP Ripple Labs. Founder and current CEO brad Garlinghouse previously mentioned that a major wave of institutional investors is about to enter into the cryptocurrency market in the third quarter of 2018.

“The third quarter of 2018, will become a period of many institutional companies into the markets and they will participate in buying XRP”.

However, those companies that already buy and use the token doesn’t affect the cost because they buy fast coin service via over-the-counter (OTC) instead of conventional exchange.

The current state of the cryptocurrency Ripple

Wave of positive news about the token XRP, especially in recent times, began with David Schwartz is the chief technology officer of Ripple, continues to do posts on Twitter and the Ripple about the project and decentralization.

“Bitcoin and Ethereum is currently considered as the gold standard of decentralization”.

Since these are considered to be decentralized blockchain, on the idea that XRP Ledger also — if not more — is decentralized like bitcoin and Ethereum.

Useful, however, often criticized the Protocol PoW, who works in Ethereum and bitcoin, has received criticism from the technical Director of Ripple, khodoryonok how the different miners can control the system, making it much more centralized than we would like.

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