What cryptocurrency surprised everyone, rising for 48 hours at 50%?


Altcon, which is not included in the top twenty of most popular digital coins, suddenly rose.

At the same time that a digital coin a few dipped in recent days, the token suddenly Dogecoin showed serious take-off rate. In two days it has grown more than in 2 times. But in recent days it has risen by 27%. Now Aldon is 0.003 and the dollar is on the 23th place in the ranking Coinmarkecap.

And just 26 Aug DOGE showed the lowest level for a specified period — 0.002 dollar.

Analysts believe that this incredible growth of the cryptocurrency may be associated with scheduled for September 5 launch of the project Dogethereum. He has a chance to become the first in the history of the fact of actual use of the token.

The project was presented Vitalik Baleriny in 2015, and is based on smart contracts system, which should become a connecting thread between networks Dogecoin and Ethereum. In the future, the system must be scaled to other projects.

“Dogethereum is a p2p currency that uses smart contracts and gives the ability to send payments to any person in the world. It is based on the engine Ethereum and started with a picture of the [blockchain] DogeCoin, meaning that each holder DogeCoin already has tokens Dogethereum,” — said on the website of the project.

At the end of 2018, the Dogecoin network will host the first ever hardporn named Dogethereum (DOGX).

“Dogethereum is a new decentralized currency that is based on picture popular Dogecoin and the algorithm Ethereum with the highest speed of transactions smart-contracts. No ICO, Perminov and other manipulations. The project is free for all, it’s easily possible mine with GPU in the initial stages, which will enable to earn a good income. The price of tokens DOGX can rise even higher when will be integrated the full functionality of smart contracts,” wrote the developers of the project.

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