What cryptocurrency to invest in the near future?


Cryptocurrency market is active movement not happy, but capturadora has identified a list of assets which may soon rise significantly. TOP 4 cryptocurrencies in which to invest in June.

Alleged leaders June:

  • ZClassic (ZCL). Cryptocurrency was formed as a result of hard forks 2016. It combines the advantages zcash for and Bitcoin. Works on the PoW algorithm. As the accounting currency, the reduction of the coins occurs every 48 months. The advantage of the investment in the currency that after the release of Anonymous Bitcoin (it is scheduled for September 10, 2018), xoldery the ZCL will be able to earn tokens in 1:1 ratio. Experts predict that Anonymous Bitcoin will be popular, because the development team have good connections in the cryptocurrency world.
  • Bitcoin is Anonymous (ANON). At the moment, the team is actively shares information and participates in conferences. The test network is scheduled to launch in August 2018. Will be activated zkSnark – the privacy Protocol. The currency will also work on the PoW algorithm, masternode will be equipped with control protocols. The digital asset has already received the support of many cryptocurrency exchanges and communities. ANON wants to be the first transparent fork in history, next week’s planned release of technical documentation and web site.
  • EOS. On 2 June the launch of the EOS network. Despite the fact that cryptocurrency at the time of release there was not even software in the project believed, and now EOS is on the 5th place by market capitalization. EOS is considered the main competitor Ethereum is a platform developed to create decentralized applications, but more scalable and functional. 3 months EOS managed to double market cap to hold the position. Cryptocurrency I think is very promising.
  • Ontology (OPT). It is also a public platform for creating projects of any type. The blockchain system can be easily integrated in already existing enterprises. Improved authentication procedure, privacy, thanks to the remote sharing of data. In the near future should take place the launch of the network, so experts predict that the cost of token will increase dramatically. In 2,5 months the price of bitcoin has increased more than 350%.
  • Such events are very important to the cryptocurrency community, and on the background of the release of updates and software, asset prices will rise dramatically. Follow the movement of the market and invest wisely!

    Previously on this topic in the news:

    18.05.2018: Bitcoin is no longer popular! China has made a rating of TOP 10 cryptocurrencies

    China has published a ranking of the TOP 10 most popular cryptocurrencies. Digital assets were assessed according to 3 criteria: technology, innovation, application. The results are shocking: Bitcoin was not included even in the top ten.

    Considered 28 of cryptocurrency, the rating is as follows:

  • First place went to an Ethereum – he was awarded maximum scores in innovation and technology.
  • Steem – cryptocurrency social network Steemit to distribute content. The platform is characterized by high transaction speed and reliability.
  • Lisk. A decentralized platform for building applicationsbased Ethereum developers that left the project.
  • NEO. Competitor broadcast, also is a platform with smart contracts for decentralized applications.
  • Komodo. Digital currency combined quality and zcash for bitcoin. A high degree of protection through innovative protocols, secure payment system.
  • Stellar. The platform is designed to facilitate the exchange of Fiat currency and cryptocurrency, as well as payments.
  • Cardano. The blockchain is the platform for building smart contracts and decentralized applications.
  • IOTA. The platform to sell thingswith a high level of protection and its own cryptocurrency.
  • Monero. Currency with a high degree of anonymity, her “trick” – a ring signature by which it is almost impossible to trace transactions.
  • Stratis. A platform for building decentralized applications and implementing them in companies.
  • Ripple the Chinese are not appreciated – it is set in 17th place, Litecoin 21, Bitcoin Cash appropriated in 25th place. Closes rating token NEM. Bitcoin modestly housed in 13th place. For innovation, he was awarded the highest score, but the development of technology of “digital gold” has failed.

    Recall what your rating was and the U.S. Agency Weiss Ratings, in this bitcoin also received a low rating.


    14.05.2018: Altcoins: the leaders and losers of the week

    The second week of the cryptocurrency market is reeling, the market capitalization for the first time since April 26 fell below $400 billion. Some crypto-currencies that did not stop to climb to new heights, others showed a record decline. We present to your attention the rating of leaders and losers this week.

    The leaders this week

    Bytecoin. On the news of adding to the listing Binance 1 day, the cryptocurrency has grown 150%! After the correction Aldon was the week in positive territory by 35%. Bytecoin is allowed to gain a foothold in 17th place in the ranking of the market capitalization. Now there is a pullback from record highs, but rising 5-and 10-day moving averages indicate the presence of a bullish trend. Bytecoin is now trading at 0,011316 and per day increased by 25%.

    Zilliqa. Last week the digital currency managed to grow by 14%. On the background of General decline in the market this is a good result. Now she is on 20-th place in terms of market capitalization, may 10, its rate rose to the maximum. Moving averages indicate the presence of bulls, but the momentum is weak. Starts course correction.

    The ranking of losers

    NEM. For a week the cost of the token is decreased by 40%, now it is trading below the 50 day moving average. Located at the 14th place in terms of market capitalization. Now the course begins to recover on the news about adding the token to the platform Abra, but he is at a critical point and may at any time to turn around the bears.

    Stellar. Lost more than 40% of the cost for the week and continues to fall. As long as you hold on 8th place by market capitalization. Bullish movement is very weak, showing a significant RSI overbought and at any moment can start to dominate a bearish tone. The 200-day moving average acts as support and is at $0.29 to the nearest level of support – $0,32.

    Cardano. Despite the fact that cryptocurrency has been ranked among the most rapidly growing altcoins April, in may for a week it fell in price by 40%. Located on the 7th place in terms of market capitalization. Since April 18, now the token rate fell to its lowest level. Stock chart indicates a continuation of bearish trend. The 200-day moving average support is at $0,29.


    11.05.2018: TOP 5 fast-growing altcoins

    The attention of the international crypto community confined to bitcoin, but altcoins are not inferior to the first cryptocurrency, and in some ways even ahead. We offer you the TOP-5 of cryptocurrency with the highest activity.

    The top five: end of April

  • Ontology. This cryptocurrency was launched only 2 months ago, but has already entered the TOP 30 by market capitalization. For months she had increased in price by 278%! Just a couple of weeks it was included in the listing Binance is one of the most popular kryptomere. The developers conceived of Ontology as a universal tool to implement blockchain technology in companies. For token ONT in early April gave us$2.6, and in may – already us$7.8.
  • EOS. Cryptocurrency designed for the platforms with smart contracts, which will create decentralized apps. For a 30-day period, the price of a token increased by 190%, from $6 to $17,58. Now the cryptocurrency is nand 5th place by market capitalization, surpassing the less fortunate Litecoin. By the way, the launch of the network EOS is scheduled for June 2018. EOS consider a competitor to Ethereum, since the platform is plan to make scalable, and transaction – cheap.
  • Aeternity. During the day, the token added to the value of 47%, for the month the price of the cryptocurrency has risen to 182%. Interesting, but there are no prerequisites for a sharp rise in price was not. The token is simply increased from $1,59 to $4.5. The project Aeternity – the creation of a decentralized platform with smart contracts, high transaction rate and a set of “oracles”. That is, a machine for any task.
  • Tron. Per month Cena of bitcoin has grown 176%. The excitement stems from the fact that on may 31 assigned to the test run network Tron. 1 token gave $0,0339, then the cost came to $0,0937 and went back to the rollback. Race courses were observed twice, and was associated with the token listing on the stock exchanges Bithumb and Coinbene. Cryptocurrency closes the TOP-10 by market capitalization.
  • Cardano. This crypto currency for the month rose by 119%. The rate went up sharply on the news of listing on the exchange Huobi. Investors believe the blockchain is a startup one of the most promising. Despite the fact that the platform is under development, bitcoin has managed to get to 7th place in the ranking of leaders by market capitalization.
  • Right now the market is correction courses. The value of all digital currencies is falling and it is unknown whether the show altcoins in may the same great result!


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