What is more profitable PPS or PPLNS?


Pools today are a real lifeline for those who want to stay in mining, but has no opportunity to modernize its equipment in accordance with the complexity of the network. Today, almost all earners except the major mining companies are members of various pools. While such services might include different ways of calculating awards, the most popular of which are PPS and PPLNS. In this article we will discuss the basic principles of their work and to answer the question of what is more profitable PPS or PPLNS?

PPLNS: the principle of

PPLNS refers to the proportional accrual of awards. Technically it is the most difficult, but it is beneficial for both the pools, and those miners who are “workers” within the same pool for a long time. Such a system presupposes that the award is not payable for the amount of ball that was sent by the miner in the time between finding blocks as, for example, in the system PROP, and the number of shares sent for a certain time (“shift”). This portion of time each pool is defined in its own way.

Consider a small example for a better understanding of the accrual system of awards:

Assume that there is a pool with PPLNS system and the 10th shift, 1 hour each, where the user is 1/100 part of the total capacity. So, to get the full reward for the work done, the user is obliged to work on the pool at least 10 hours. To calculate the conditional profit of our participant pool, you can use the following formula:

N(at) = N(PU)*(1/100)*0,3


N(at) is the reward user

N(PU) – the award pool

1/100 – capacity share of the participant pool.

0,3 – coefficient shift

Accordingly, if the pool is over 3 hours of 10 mines bitcoins, the user gets:

10*(1/100)*0,3 = 0,03 bitcoin

If the reward pool received for 10 hours, then the correction factor is removed and the user gets 0.1 bitcoin.

PPS: the principle of

PPS is a system polovyh awards, which has a static character. That is, each participant in the pool receives a fixed fee for every ball, adopted by the pool. If a little detail the calculation itself, in the calculation of the final award also takes into account the current reward per block and network difficulty.

This approach to the calculation of awards is extremely beneficial for users, because they get paid for all the work done, regardless of whether there was added a new block in the chain. In turn, the pools sometimes be the loser, paying rewards from his own reserves. It is also worth remembering that all pools operating under PPS, there is a high enough fee that partially cover expenses.

What is more profitable PPS or PPLNS?

To say that it is cheaper PPS or PPLNS impossible. It depends on the power of your equipment and the nature of mining, which you adhere to. For example, for those users that have sufficient hardware and try to adhere to is always the same pool, the more beneficial the system will be PPLNS. Having worked in one system a certain amount of time, they will be able to reach a net profit for yourself.

If you like to jump from pool to pool, which is not always helpful for your status, because these miners do not particularly like, it is best to pay attention to the pools with PPS-system charges. In General, everything is relative, and to decide for themselves what is more profitable PPS or PPLNS, you need to try both kinds of pools.


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