What will happen to the market. Wall street plans to legalize cryptotrading


American blockchain startups, major banks and companies are discussing the possibility of introducing a regulation of Commerce with digital money

Members of the house of representatives from Republican party of the USA organized a round table on which discussed the possibility of regulation of cryptocurrency trading reports СNBC. The event was participated by representatives of major banks and financial companies on wall street, and blockchain startups and experts from industry.

They discussed regulation of the ICO in the country, in particular studied the bill for projects for the initial placement of tokens, which needs to be considered in the House of representatives in the fall of 2018. Also, the roundtable participants talked about the use of blockchain and considered the options trade tax the cryptocurrency.

Previously a member of the Committee on financial services of Warren, Dividson reported on the need to regulate the market of digital money. He said that the only way to ensure the safety of users, you first need to create a legal framework for the ICO.

Recall that in mid-September, on the Moscow stock exchange hosted a round table in which participated the largest Russian banks, as well as the representatives of the NEM Foundation, Litecoin and BitFlyer. Representatives of “Sberbank”, “Alfa-Bank” and other financial organizations said then that it is ready to work with digital money, but at the moment it is impossible due to the lack of legal framework.

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