When the capitalization of the stock market will rise to $ 1 trillion?


CEO exchange Kraken, Jesse Powell believes that such level of the stock market can achieve by the end of the year. However, while the industry of digital tokens is in decline.

Today’s top cryptocurrencies again went into the red zone. Stronger than all fell IOTA (-12,61%), after it flew down a Tron (-10,55%), significantly lost value and token VeChain (-10,32%).

Three of the leader also demonstrates the most brilliant indicators. The first cryptocurrency per day has fallen in price on 2,29%, and now BTC is traded at a price of 6 925 dollars. Ethereum has fallen by 5.01%, XRP lost in the price of 4.93%, Cash and Bitcoin dropped to 5.10%.

Capitalization of the stock market is estimated at $ 223 billion. This is much higher than last week, but up to expected mark Powell the stock market is still far away. The Director of crypto currency exchange Kraken assumes that by year-end cryptocurrency will demonstrate significant growth, and as the main reason for calling the massive use of digital tokens associated with increased user awareness.

Yesterday it became known that bitcoin could overtake PayPal. This year, there were payments in BTC in excess of 1.3 trillion dollars. This is more than the such popular payment gateways as PayPal, and Discover.

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