Where and how much: Coinmarketcap and possible alternatives


Where and how much: Coinmarketcap and possible alternatives

A rare article about cryptocurrency without links on Coinmarketcap. To learn about the state of the market, traders, investors, hamsters and other animals go to this resource. Yes, it’s nice to have a website with a simple and intuitive interface where you can easily find the information you need. But the hegemony of Coinmarketcap (CMC) in the information space raises some concerns.

First, it contradicts one of the main precepts of Satoshi Nakamoto was to take everything and to decentralize. Second, to address Coinmarketcap there have been accusations of market manipulations. Thirdly, even if SMS only work white & fluffy, and none of them have never distorted the data for selfish purposes, having in hand such a powerful information resource, to manipulate the market easily.

There are many alternatives to SMS. Very decent. Functionality is largely similar but there are differences. And not only in the amount and format of presenting information. And the main question of cryptodira — “what the rate of bitcoin” — they give different answers.


The rate of BTC: $6435.79*
Capitalization of BTC: $111,033,002,432
Cryptocurrencies listing: 1916
Stock exchange listing: 218
Mobile app: App Store

SMS was launched in 2013. Founder — programmer Brandon Chaz, a resident of not the calm district of the city of new York — Queens. In January 2018 he expelled the South Korean stock exchange from data processing algorithm due to the fact that the quotes for them were much higher than in the rest of the world. This has caused turbulence on the stock exchanges. Despite the suspicions of deliberate manipulation, which has cost the market $100 billion total capitalisation, resource Brandon Chaz remains the most popular source of information about the state of the stock market.

The methodology, which collected and processed data on the website is not described. But you can easily find information about how much it costs for advertising. The minimum is $5000.

Table rate as of today and other data currencies and exchange you can sort by the current price, capitalization, trading volume per unit of time and many other parameters. There is an opportunity to separate the wheat from the chaff: that is, to display the data on the coins and tokens separately.

Russian interface there, but actually it is not — translated only the main menu items and some of the sections.


The rate of BTC: $6,451.13*
Capitalization of BTC: $111,298,373,871
Cryptocurrencies listing: 2544
Stock exchange listing: 189
Mobile apps: Google Play, App Store

The resource works, April 2014. It supports the Malaysian government Agency MaGIC. Unlike SMS, on the website CoinGecko you can find detailed information on the methodology of data processing and the portal team (with photos of the project participants and their contacts in social networks).

In addition to the standard lists of quotes, capitalization rates and turnover on stock exchanges, there is information about the number of subscribers on page assets on Twitter and Reddit, the cost of the attack 51% on a particular currency and the number of developers who are now working on support for a particular blockchain.

In the section “Exchange,” all exchanges are marked by the signs of de/centralization and the assessment of the degree of objectivity of the information they provide.

In addition, the portal has a section of ICO, which provides information about the upcoming primary offerings of coins.

Russian interface there. And translated into almost all sections of the site.


The rate of BTC: $6490.24*
Capitalization of BTC: $111,869,275,486
Cryptocurrencies listing: 1916
Stock exchange listing: not available
Mobile apps: Google Play, App Store

As in the case of SMS, in order to find out who is behind Bitscreener, it is necessary to call for help Google. On the site information about it. The portal team has Vietnamese roots. It’s funny that there are very often people with the surname Nguyen. The most common Vietnamese surname, by the way. Or maybe it’s just the family business.

On the main page of the site no ordinary portals in this category a long list with ratings and cryptocurrency prices. But all that may be of interest kryptonite. A graph of bitcoin exchange rate, the rate for today, a tag cloud of most popular searches in search engines, table, WatchList, Gainers, Losers… Yes, the interface is only English. Yet there is a news feed and the tape press releases cryptocurrency projects.

Chip Bitscreener — infographic “Thermal cryptocaria”, which shows the proportional daily change in the capitalization of the major cryptocurrencies.

Another tool of the analysis presented in Bitscreener — Coin Screener. Here you can track information about the status of various currencies, by sorting them using the sixteen filters: market capitalization, listing on a particular exchange, the price change per unit of time, the hashing algorithm (which may be useful for miners), trading volume for the day and so on.

In section ICO in tabular form, information about current and upcoming primary offerings of coins.


The rate of BTC: $6,460*
Capitalization of BTC: $111,444,348,775
Cryptocurrencies listing: 107
Stock exchange listing: not available
Mobile apps: no

Onchainfx is one of the projects of the company Messari, led by Ryan Selkis. In the past he participated in the launch of the Digital Currency Group and CoinDesk.

Onchainfx focused on the advanced investor and his horse — an analytical approach, not just the results averaged data in currencies, the resulting computer analysis.

In the FAQ section, answering the question of why, the website presents total 107 currencies, they write: “We do everything hands”. In other words, the information published in the charts is handled by a staff of professional analysts. The market situation is changing rapidly, and the time to sift through thousands of currencies just yet. So all the 107 largest by market capitalization. Fans chichinou nothing to do here.
On the website described in detail the methodology of the analysis and presents a huge number of metrics. There is a “Library tokens” and a separate section for “Classification of assets”.

Russification not. But if you are so advanced cryptodires that went to Onchainfx, you have probably unnecessarily.


The rate of BTC: $ 6,485.88*
Capitalization of BTC: $ 111.92 billion
Cryptocurrencies listing: 1996
Stock exchange listing: 131
Mobile apps: no

Imagine yourself standing in front of the traffic light, which randomly changes the red color to green. And what to do is unclear. The impression upon first visit to Cryptocompare.

On home page you can watch for hours. Courses are displayed in real-time. And this has a hypnotic effect. Externally it is no different from the main pages of other similar portals, but the data on the schedules here are changing very quickly and beautifully. So there is a feeling that you really follow the bitcoin exchange rate online. Line with market indicators BTC flashed red — then the cue ball went down. Ethereum Classic highlighted green means the price has increased. And it happens all the time.

Besides the traditional sites of such a plan is in “Coins” and “Exchange”, Cryptocompare you can find a variety of guides and reviews on all that is relevant to the crypto: hardware wallets to devices for mining, as well as information on ICO. If you want to talk — welcome to the section “Forum”.

The site began operation in late 2015. Headquartered in London, but there are regional units in Germany, Romania, Portugal and Hungary.


The rate of BTC: $6,513*
Capitalization of BTC: $112.34 billion
Cryptocurrencies listing: 2153
Stock exchange listing: 114
Mobile apps: no

Сoincodex outwardly little different from their counterparts, except that the table of courses online on the main page more concise: the price of the currency timetable for its changes, fluctuations in the last 24 hours, trading volume, capitalization. And nothing more.

There is a calendar ICO, data exchanges, news and educational section. Language English only, but you can choose Fiat currency, which will display quotes.

Who manages the portal and where he is based, Сoincodex does not advertise.


The rate of BTC: $6487*
Capitalization of BTC: $111.92 billion
Cryptocurrencies listing: 4944
Stock exchange listing: 169
Mobile apps: Google Play, App Store

Another site where you can look at the charts, to monitor the rate of bitcoin and altcoins online, everything to learn, compare and count. In the tab “Compare”, you can choose four scriptactive for comparison and to monitor the dynamics of their changes.

The information on the site changing quite rapidly. To learn about what the course is, in real-time.
Registration enables you to access the functions of comparative analysis. You can compare up to four currencies.

Who is behind the site — not even Google knows.


The rate of BTC: $6,506.19*
Capitalization of BTC: $112.25 billion
Cryptocurrencies listing: 1290
Stock exchange listing: not available
Mobile apps: no

Service is a little different from all of the above. The interface is simple and convenient. Information at least. On the main page displayed the schedule of the courses in the online mode, where there is a possibility to sort the currencies by price, capitalization, trading volumes for the day, volatility for the hour, day, week. The icing on the cake (the top part of the screen) — the graph of the total capitalization of the stock market.

There are menu items “Converter” and “screener” (here you can set the currency sorting through eight filters). A separate section — My portfolio. Here is an opportunity to track data on your favorite cryptogram, and to store pencils, pens, and seasonal fruits.

Want to choose Russification, but with such a minimalistic interface, this capability is not really needed.

The table quotes is a separate column that displays “News sentiment”. They are neutral, bullish, very bullish, bearish and well, of course.


From all of the above sites greatest confidence caused Cryptocompare, CoinGecko, Bitscreener, Coinwatch and Onchainfx. But this is a subjective opinion. I’d love to make a comparative analysis of data on quotations, capitalization and the allocation of places in the top ten cryptocurrencies on different websites. And we are sure it will hold. Sometime later. Soon.

* — The article quotes data capitalization and the situation on the market are taken from screen shots taken within 15 seconds. So subject to allegations of manipulation of facts can be considered unreasonable.

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