Whether to sell EOS. The token has risen to $5.2


Cryptocurrency grew by 4% over the past day, in the near future the price may continue to rise, the analyst believes the Ayash Jindal

On Monday morning, August 27, the average market price of the EOS token has exceeded $5. The cryptocurrency was trading at $of 5.23, after which the price declined. Now the token is worth $5,16 per day it has risen by 4%. During this same time, the exchange rate of bitcoin and Ethereum rose 0.5%.

According to the expert Ethereum World News Ayash Jindal guy in the near future the price EOS can reach levels of $5.4 and $5,65. The analyst pointed out that the coin has crossed an important area of $5 and was able to hold above. This is a good indicator, which suggests that the price of cryptocurrencies will continue to grow in the short term.

For this it is necessary to overcome the level of $5,25, and the cost should not fall below $5. Next support is $4.5. Course Aldona virtually unchanged over the past week, last Monday EOS cost $5,09.

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